Industry Trends 2013 — Less waste, more speed


Real time analysis for speed to market

Back in the old days, marketers could take their time over campaigns. Six months out from launch, the planning would start and in the intervening months this would built into a solid strategy that would then, like some well-oiled military operation, roll out to an expectant target audience.

Any marketing campaign that still uses this approach will fail. Half a year in today’s cross-channel world is a lifetime, with customer behaviours, channels and devices changing in a matter of days or weeks, let alone months. If you stand still whilst you’re planning, you’ll get left behind.

Let’s take consumers and channels as an example. Six months ago your customer might have been happy to receive their marketing messages via a desktop email. Now, their desktop is in the bin and they expect to read their mail on their smartphone whilst paying for their coffee on the way to work. If your emails are still optimised for desktops then your customers are never going to read them — and they’re going elsewhere.

Planning needs to be based on real time understanding, not trapped in a six month old time warp. Speed to market is key and in such a fast moving environment, new automated analytics tools are the rocket fuel that are powering successful campaign strategies.

Data visualisation is a growing area, because smart technologies take hugely complex information, analyses and then presents it in a way that we dumb humans can easily understand. It’s like having a tame analyst sat at your desk — and you don’t even to make it cups of tea.

You sit down in the morning, fire it up and you can see how critical factors, such as channel preference or optimum engagement times, are changing — right now. You can run scenarios through the software, testing new ideas to engage new customer groups for example, via computer models rather than expensive trial and error. Your campaign strategy, rather than being a static and inflexible straightjacket, can flex and morph according to what’s happening. TODAY.

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