Shopper Traffic Continues To Go Down As Barbecue Weather Stays On

The latest national retail traffic report from Experian FootFall shows a 2.1% week on week increase in shopper traffic and a decline of 8% year on year as the hot weather continues.

Incessant sunshine impacted every day’s year on year performance, as 2012 brought unseasonably cold weather this time last year. Saturday and Sunday showed declines year on year of 14.5% and 9.5% respectively as many consumers stayed away from the shopping centres to enjoy the sun and barbecues.

 The stores may not have been buzzing but still a number of retailers have posted some very promising quarterly or annual results, with some expectations of expansion into new regions through continued growth.

Across the UK, all of the regions showed a decline year on year, although seven of the 11 saw a week on week increase.

Shopper traffic for the retail parks declined by 0.6% week on week, with a 1.3% decline year on year.

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