Data IQ Futures Summit – The Crème de la Crème of the Data World talk Data, Insight and Technology


On Tuesday I was at the DataIQ Futures Summit. Of all the events I attend during the year, this is one of my favourites. Why? Because the event truly does have exceptional speakers talking about timely, relevant issues. It’s far from ‘just another Big Data’ conference.

Experian were the headline sponsor of the event and we had the privilege of giving a keynote presentation to the assembled audience of data and marketing professionals.  I spoke alongside our client, Claire Chandler from Nectar, who took us through her story of how they are approaching the new data opportunities and the challenges they face. As ever, hearing real life client issues and experiences shared and discussed is always a plus at events like these because clients always tell it like it is.  Which is great. The customer is at the heart of everything Nectar do and they understand that their customers want relevant, timely and targeted communications. They are transparent in their use of data and many brands – indeed our industry as a whole – could learn much from the approach Nectar take to data use.  They also have challenges. They hold a rich set of personal, transactional, lifestyle and behavioural data and the goal is to deliver more targeted opportunities across all channels consistently.  It’s a new areas so we’re all learning. But learning fast.

We also heard at the event from, Gill Whitehead, Director of Audience Technology & Insight who is another of our targeted advertising partners at Channel 4 about how really understanding the social connections consumers have are influencing  viewing habits and consequently, if broadcasters can make sense of this social data, they will be able to develop more engaging broadcasting which then it is perfect for those organisations involved in TV advertising as the advertising will be more targeted.  The folk at Channel are doing smart things – you should speak to them if you get the chance.

Google gave their perspective about how essential it is to have a robust strategy to ensure you are you using social media effectively and understanding what you can learn from how customers are engaging with social media. The BBC and Microsoft also gave fascinating perspectives on how consumers are developing and how brands must keep pace with these changes to remain competitive.

The key things I took away from the event are:

  •  With the right data and right analytics in place, Big Data can be used to take targeting to a higher level.  With this greater accuracy brands can more effectively engage with consumers – building relationships with new customers and strengthening those with existing customers, just like Nectar have done.
  •  Consumers have very high expectations.  When did they have anything other than that perhaps?  They want ‘always on’ access to services and a seamless experiences across channels.  So joining up the data should mean that messages are presented to the right audiences in the right channel at the right time.
  •  A coherent cross-channel approach best serves the consumer and the brand. Consistency and accuracy sit at the heart of this, and this can only be informed with data.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to know more about how Experian Marketing Services can you help you make sense of all this data and help you intelligently interact with your customers – every time.


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