A Day in the Life of an Experian Lead Analyst


The geek-to-business translator

My name is Jason Lucas and I am a Lead Analyst at Experian Marketing Services. I manage a team of analysts and am currently working on seven projects of varying size and complexity. One of the things I find most fulfilling about my job is that there’s no such thing as an ‘average’ day. Every single one of my clients has a business and associated challenges that are unique, so every interaction is a voyage into the unexplored.

The ‘exploratory’ metaphor is apt, because I focus on geospatial analysis — using location data to drive client objectives. It’s a highly specialised discipline. My team is liberally salted with Masters and Doctorates in relevant subjects such as Geography and Mathematics, but critically almost every science geek has earned their business spurs too — I used to work as a space and store location planner for a major retail chain.

It’s a combination of business and academic skills that pays dividends every time I sit down with a client. It can all get very complicated, but my job is to translate complex data – my clients don’t want ‘data’, they want ‘insight’ and that’s what we deliver.

And clients come from many different sectors. I work with police forces to target safety messages; analyse the ways in which populations use leisure facilities for accurate provision planning; help private medical companies to engage with groups likely to want and need their services; provide airports with the understanding to prepare for demand; and show large retail chains where to site new stores as they expand across the UK and Europe. It’s always rewarding — whether I’m helping a business to gain competitive advantage or a Fire and Rescue Service to save lives.

Providing this insight will see me:

  • helping account team colleagues to propose and project manage solutions for clients,
  • cooperating with other parts of Experian to combine expertise,
  • getting up close and personal with clients to really understand their objectives,
  • building the solutions themselves, and
  • very often — all of the above.

I use a wide variety of specialised data, tools and techniques to help clients achieve objectives: it may be Experian’s Mosaic consumer classification system, the Alteryx analytics tool (that allows us to harness a wealth of location, consumer and channel data), or a variety of statistical approaches, cluster analysis and gravity models.

But no matter how long or short the journey with my clients, the result is always the same:

  • better ways to analyse and understand data;
  • big picture, contextualised insight that is harnessed to achieve objectives.

To put it simply, my day boils down to translating geeky science into meaningful business insight.

For more information about how we help clients through analytics and insight, get in touch.



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