Engaging webcasts. One Mosaic.

I recently got on my virtual bike and did a whistle-stop webcast tour of the UK to talk to our clients about Experian’s flagship consumer classification system, Mosaic. For those of you who don’t know, Mosaic provides a deep view of UK consumers’ characteristics and lifestyles, allowing marketing professionals to more effectively target consumers across all channels – every time.

The tour was timely as in March 2014 the new generation of Mosaic will be launched. The new generation of Mosaic will capture the latest consumer and societal dynamics that will help marketers be more effective with cross-channel target marketing and will include a new and customisable online user interface.

So what did we talk about?

  • What’s new: I gave an overview on how the new Mosaic is shaping up and what the changes will mean for marketers. This included how Mosaic can be used to identify and target the ‘Always On’, cross-channel consumer, and a sneak peak at the new user tools and how they can be integrated into your organisation.
  • Digital advertising: we heard from our Head of Digital Advertising, Jez Hopkins, about how essential it is that brands should ensure their digital strategy is driving the right audience. Mosaic underpins this by providing accurate data and insight. Jez took us through Experian’s work with Three and how Microsoft, Three and Experian fused their data and were then able to precisely identify Three’s target audiences and serve them relevant creative. This was all made possible because of Mosaic.
  • Consumer demographics and lifestyles: Richard Jenkings, one of our lead consultants, talked about some really interesting population changes that the census data has provided. This included how an ageing population, changes in home ownership, employment and income all create opportunities for brands. Experian is here to help brands make sense of these trends and understand what impact they will have.

And it wasn’t just us doing the talking … our webcast guests had a multitude of questions. For me it is satisfying to know they are engaged and interested so much so that I’m now planning a live Q and A session early next year.

This is just the start, watch out for on-going information around Mosaic, including more events in 2014. You can keep up-to-date by visiting

I’m always available to answer your Mosaic questions, so if you want to know more, contact me at or if you just want to listen, view the recorded webcasts here.



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