Endless possibilities. One Mosaic.

The face of the United Kingdom is an ever-changing one as demographic and technology trends shift, altering the make-up of our countryside, towns and cities and the people who live there. As marketers, whether commercial or public sector, it’s important we understand these changes to our customer base and adapt to these new insights.

The new version of Mosaic, launched today, reflects the large changes seen in UK society in the last few years, with rural to urban relocation, an increasing number of people renting their accommodation and technology trends impacting society enormously.

Why Mosaic?
Mosaic is our most comprehensive cross-channel consumer classification, built for today’s hyper-connected world. Using new data and analytical methods, organisations get deeper insights on consumer lifestyles and behaviour to help you make more informed marketing decisions.

Over 850 million pieces of information across 450 different data points are condensed using the latest analytical techniques to identify 15 summary groups and 66 detailed types that are easy to interpret and understand. The 15 groups and 66 types within new Mosaic all show different nuances, be it in outlook on life or channel preferences, meaning that marketers need to navigate carefully to ensure that they are reaching their customers with the most appropriate messages and consistently across channels.

Mosaic UK visualisations

Mosaic: the common currency for cross-channel marketing
Nowadays, most organisations engage their target audiences across multiple channels, with marketing campaigns that often use different targeting methods for each channel. The risk for any organisation is that you can end up talking to the same individual in different ways, about different things, in different places.
By consistently segmenting people according to their characteristics and behaviour, organisations can instead talk confidently about the things that matter to them, using the channel they are most likely to respond to.

Mosaic is more than a sociodemographic segmentation and is even more relevant today than when first created over 30 years ago. By giving marketers a clear picture of who consumers are, where they are and what they want, organisations are able to obtain actionable consumer insight that is focused on the individual, rather than the channel. Successful communication with individuals requires a ‘common currency’ across all channels, underpinning the whole of your marketing activity. Consistent classification, backed by relevant and up-to-date consumer insight allows organisations to plan and measure campaigns to their target audiences consistently across all the different channels at your disposal.

Behind every customer is an individual and new Mosaic allows you to start treating them that way. Find out more about how Mosaic can help you organisation on our dedicated microsite – and make sure you visit the blog over the next few days and weeks as we look at some of the demographic changes and the impact for marketer in more detail.


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