Use Mobile to improve your client relationship

Simon Martin Managing Director for Cross Channel Marketing

Simon Martin is the Managing Director, Cross Channel Marketing at Experian

What if you could improve your client relationship through mobile ?
Mobile is now a key part of our lives; smartphones and tablets disrupted a lot of industries, by creating new opportunities to interact with client using their mobile devices.

In this context, your users are expecting you to understand and use this new way of consuming and communicating; your users do not think in channels, so no matter which “channels” you’re using, consider it as a mobile channel.

This shift in consumers mindset spans across all users; clients are evolving in an always-changing environment, always connected and on the move. To fulfill their expectations, and improve your client relationship, you have to shift the way you’re communicating to them. Here are some examples you can apply to your business.

Reduce your « no show » rate

Getting an appointment is a key milestone in your client relationship; however, turning an appointment request into an effective meeting is not always simple; people often forget their appointments if it’s not that important for them, or if it was done impulsively. The best way to avoid this is to put in place mobile reminders, through email, SMS and push notifications. Not matter if it’s for an appointment in the local bank branch, or for a pick-up or for a delivery, sending a reminder 2 days or a few hours before the appointment is a good way to reduce your “no show” rates.

Most of mobile devices automatically detect dates in messages (email & SMS) : please do integrate dates into your messages, to facilitate integration of appointments into the smartphone or tablet calendar and benefit from the reminders directly into the mobile device.

Adaptive couponing

Coupons are an effective way to acquire or reactivate your customers; if you are already sending to your clients barcodes to get a discount or pick-up an order, think about adapting your coupons to the context to optimize your redemption rate.

You can use device detection and adaptive content to optimize your coupon delivery: display a printable barcode for desktops or laptops, even some tablets users, so that they will be able to print the barcode at home or at the office before heading to your store or your branch.

On the other hand, use a mobile barcode for smartphone users: if they are on the move, there’s little chance that they will connect to a printer to print your barcode. Using a barcode that they can display on the screen to be scanned directly will be much better for your conversion rate – consider also integrating this barcode into Passbook or Google wallet, for an even more convenient usage

Virtual waiting lists

Does your activity imply waiting lists, for example to pick-up an order or meet a salesman ?

Keep your users’ level of engagement and maximize their time of presence into your premises by putting in place a virtual waiting list through your mobile application, by allowing users to be notified through SMS or push notifications when their turn has come.

You will provide them more time to check the rest of your store – and potentially buy more- without the stress of losing their place in the queue or anxiously waiting for the display to move to number 325.

Adapting your communication to a mobile environment can seem complicated and frightening – that’s absolutely the opposite. Mobile devices lowered the level of effort accepted by users in their relationship with a brand: you need to simplify your users’ life to improve the level of interaction. By using simple methods, thinking as a user and considering mobile as a context and not as a channel, you will create a strong and efficient bond with your users, and improve your client relationship.

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