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Device proliferation – Ready or not, here it comes

Posted on Jul 08 2013 by

At the end of 2012, the world reached a tipping point which saw the volume of connected devices surpass the human population. Behind this explosion is the rise of mobile consumer electronics and global demand for a more connected lifestyle. As a result, connected devices are now rapidly transforming the way the world communicates.

Be prepared to dig deeper to challenge customers for proof of identity

Posted on Jul 03 2013 by

Identity IQ provides electronic verification and security by quizzing customers questions randomly generated from a pool of more than 80 possibles.

Global identity verification strengthened with new international data sources

Posted on Jun 25 2013 by

International coverage for identity verification extended with the addition of comprehensive and reliable customer data from Denmark and the Netherlands.

Understanding the fraudsters’ modus operandi

Posted on Jun 24 2013 by

Thanks to first-hand interviews with both convicted and unconvicted fraudsters we’ve built up a critical insight into ‘the fraudster’s modus operandi’

Join our Utilities analytics webinar – Guide to scorecards

Posted on Jun 21 2013 by

Reduce customer churn, tackle change of supplier issues, enhance win back and retention within Utilities.

No Claims Discount Database launched

Posted on Jun 20 2013 by

For the first time in the UK, the insurance industry will be able to confidently, quickly and easily validate individual’s ‘no claims’ history.

Altrincham is UK’s provincial identity fraud capital

Posted on Jun 19 2013 by

East Ham, Romford and Bexleyheath are top hotspots for identity fraud in London, while first-party fraud is most prevalent in London with East Ham ranking highest.

The rise of mobile banking, payments and identity – video interview

Posted on Jun 04 2013 by

Mobile banking and identity validation go under the spotlight.

What’s in a name?

Posted on Jun 03 2013 by

Wising up to account takeover.

Don’t think the diet starts tomorrow

Posted on Jun 03 2013 by

SEPA compliance deadline looms.