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Profile: Mark is a qualified Banker and has extensive experience within the UK Banking Industry across the whole credit cycle at strategic and operational levels. His experience consists of direct portfolio P&L control as well as extensive consulting on the development of profitable and pragmatic solutions. Mark’s experience has been obtained from a background of 13 years within the UK banking industry, 6 years within retail credit and 11 years working internationally in a consulting role.

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Costly collections – is there a better way?

Posted on Feb 28 2013 by

Identifying customers at risk of default is a new concept to most lenders. Mark Keyworth, Client Consulting Director for Experian, explains the way to reduce risk and cost significantly; by monitoring and spotting the warning signs of pre-delinquency and acting early enough to avoid collections.

Are lenders becoming too lenient?

Posted on Nov 23 2012 by

In the hope of strengthening customer relationships before the next market boom, many lenders have taken a proactive approach to dealing with customers struggling under the backlash of the recession, offering leniency on payment terms and allowing payment holidays.