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Getting up close and personal How close is too close? – Personalisation in 2016

Posted on Feb 04 2016 by

Personalisation is critical to modern marketing’s need to provide relevant and valuable experiences. But what does the year ahead have in store for marketers? How close is too close? Mark Lindsay gives us his views.

DMA Rethink TV Summit: Talking Heads Talk TV

Posted on Nov 14 2013 by

By Mark Lindsay. Channels Director, Experian Marketing Services.

Last week I had the pleasure of being on a panel at the DMA Rethink TV Summit. My fellow panellists, from Channel 4, Sky Adsmart and MRM Meteorite, and I were talking to the audience of brand marketers about the opportunities they now have to engage more effectively with their customers via TV. It was great to be surrounded by an audience genuinely excited and engaged with the potential of what they can do now, whether they were targeting millions or a smaller group.