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Why remembering the individuals behind the data is more important than ever

Posted on Feb 11 2016 by

As part of our #6for16 series Experian Managing Director Matthew Dunn explains why he thinks 2016 will be the year brands are forced to take customer centricity to heart.

How do we define value and how can we ensure we are adding value to our customers?

Posted on Nov 23 2015 by

Marketers always talk about ‘adding value’… But what does that actually mean and are your definitions aligned with those of your customers? In this article Matthew Dunn attempts to tackle this tricky question and puts forward a framework of checking whether your comms are ‘adding value’.

The true numbers behind personalisation – state of the nation

Posted on Oct 01 2015 by

Personalisation is a key technique for making customer journeys more relevant and tailored. In this article Matt Dunn digs into the numbers of personalisation from our recent report – who’s personalising what and to what extent? Read on to find out.

What is progressive profiling? How it works and best practice

Posted on Jul 13 2015 by

Progressive profiling is a method of gathering customer data in small increments to avoid damaging the customer journey. Read on for an explanation and best practice guidance from Experian’s very own Matt Dunn.

The changing face of brand loyalty – it’s all about the experience

Posted on Sep 16 2014 by

Customer loyalty is crucial to every business – but how can brands foster loyalty in a modern marketplace dominated by choice, customer expectation and competition?
Whether it’s a pub, greengrocer, supermarket or huge multi-national corporation, having customers who consistently return as repeat business is vital.

We won! Experian is ‘Outstanding Data Provider – B2C’

Posted on Sep 16 2013 by

Tuesday night was a great night for Experian Marketing Services as we won ‘Outstanding Data Provider – B2C’ at the Database Marketing Awards. We are absolutely thrilled to have won this award and are very happy we’ve been recognised as the best in the data business.