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Payments 2016 – Will these be the top 5 payments trends?

Posted on Jan 11 2016 by

Having given my overview of the top 2015 payments topics it’s time to take a look at what I think will be coming up in 2016. In general 2015 was a year when big ideas started to take shape and I’m hoping that 2016 will be the year that we see those ideas developed into […]

What is Fake Invoice Fraud?

Posted on Nov 30 2015 by

Fake invoice fraud occurs when fraudsters submit an invoice, or other request for payment that is not genuine in the hopes that your business will pay it.

Do you need to check your business customers’ bank account ownership?

Posted on Nov 25 2015 by

In a previous blog I discussed the case for checking the ownership of business bank account details when setting up and paying suppliers. But what if the businesses you are paying are not suppliers but beneficiaries? Who does this affect? There are a number of reasons why you might be paying other businesses, particularly if […]

Three reasons why you should check your suppliers’ bank account data

Posted on Nov 19 2015 by

It is now possible to check the ownership of business bank accounts, here are three reasons why you should check the bank account data of your suppliers: You don’t want to become a victim of invoice fraud Invoice fraud, sometimes called procurement fraud, occurs when a fraudster impersonates a supplier and submits an invoice that […]

3 ways you can make identity checking customer friendly

Posted on Nov 05 2015 by

For both security reasons and to meet your Client Due Diligence obligations you need to carry out identity checking on your customers. Processes can be long-winded you may have to ask your customers to complete certain tasks or provide extra information, something they might find intrusive and a hassle. It doesn’t have to be that […]

Our top 5 payments blogs in the last 12 month

Posted on Oct 29 2015 by

Over the past year our Payments blogs have proved to be very popular. And while we now have quite a library of payments blogs these are the 5 that have received the most visits: In at number five is “What is a BIC used for?” following on from our post “What is a BIC?” this […]

What are the five types of Card Not Present Transaction?

Posted on Oct 12 2015 by

Often when people think of Card Not Present transactions the focus is on the debit or credit card being in a different physical location from the merchant. This is not the full story, in a card transaction all three entities need to be considered; the cardholder, the card and the merchant.

What is ‘Friday Fraud’ – and how does it impact law firms and their clients?

Posted on Sep 08 2015 by

Recent press reports have highlighted a problem for lawyers and conveyancers – it’s been dubbed ‘Friday Fraud’. It involves fraudsters using various methods to get the information they need to raid a firm’s accounts or intercept funds due to be paid to a client. It’s called Friday Fraud because they know the best time to […]

Anti-Money Laundering – should you consider electronic identity checking?

Posted on Aug 27 2015 by

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations affect many industry sectors in a number of ways. One requirement is that the identity of customers is verified in order to prevent the proceeds of crime being legitimised. Nominated personnel, such as Money Laundering Reporting Officers, must determine the form that such checks take in order to meet the requirements […]

Three key reasons to check bank account data

Posted on Aug 21 2015 by

There are many instances where companies need to take bank account information from people, typically bank account data is required to set up a direct debit or a credit transfer.