Social Butterfly or Everything Tech? The Rise of the Always On consumer

Posted on Aug 16 2013 by

Over the last decade, the advent of social media, the proliferation of the latest smartphones and tablets, and access to limitless data regardless of location has seen consumers become more connected than ever before. Our recent Always On consumer research has pinpointed four distinct types of consumer who are more digitally connected than ever before.

Zombies… what zombies?

Posted on May 05 2013 by

I was drawn to a recent article in The Independent’s small business pages on corporate insolvencies entitled ‘It will take years to solve the zombie problem – if it exists’.

Costly collections – is there a better way?

Posted on Feb 28 2013 by

Identifying customers at risk of default is a new concept to most lenders. Mark Keyworth, Client Consulting Director for Experian, explains the way to reduce risk and cost significantly; by monitoring and spotting the warning signs of pre-delinquency and acting early enough to avoid collections.

2012: A year of Identity & Fraud, Part One

Posted on Dec 27 2012 by

As the New Year approaches, Latest Thinking takes a look back over 2012 and highlights some of the developments and events in the world of Identity & Fraud.

Spotting fraud networks

Posted on Nov 15 2012 by

Organised fraud is often regarded as less common than fraud perpetrated by individuals – but there’s little or no distinct boundary between the two. Whether it’s an individual making multiple fraudulent credit applications, or a professional fraudster recruiting multiple victims to launder money or commit cheque fraud, the scale of losses can be significant. Fraudsters usually target numerous organisations or even different divisions within the same organisation – so collaboration is vital.