Identity and Fraud

Current accounts become number one fraud target

Posted on Jul 02 2015 by

Current account fraud has now surpassed mortgage application fraud, which until now had been the biggest target – 83 out of every 10,000 applications.

Three retail banking trends – What does the bank of the future look like?

Posted on Jun 25 2015 by

When we talk about retail banking we’re generally referring to a few ‘big names’, the main high street banks, built up over many decades – in some cases centuries. They have grown and acquired their smaller competitors and are an established presence in all our lives.

Plug into our interactive fraud data

Posted on Jun 24 2015 by

There’s a world of information available at your fingertips. Simply click on the links for a first-hand look.

Are you ready for the Mobile Gaming Revolution?

Posted on Jun 23 2015 by

It’s a trend that just won’t go away! Mobile gambling is growing – fast. With talk of double digit growth rates in the coming years, experts predict that the mobile gaming market will account for 40% of total online gambling by 2018 [1].

M-commerce and the fraud challenge

Posted on Jun 23 2015 by

Mobile represents a huge opportunity for retailers as more and more people use multiple, mobile devices to make purchases on the go. Purchases on mobile devices has increased by 10 per cent in the last year alone – a trend that is set to continue as further people switch to using their mobile devices for […]

Why safeguarding against a data breach is worth every penny

Posted on Jun 16 2015 by

Despite dramatic rises in the number of data breaches, most businesses think they are protected but as it turns out many are not, with one in three (34%) without even a data breach response plan in place.

Heat maps highlight fraud hotspots

Posted on Jun 12 2015 by

Our maps highlight the national picture of third-party fraud and the unrelenting impact ID theft has on consumers from all parts of Britain.

Fighting fraud – 3 problems false positives cause.

Posted on Jun 08 2015 by

There is an easy way to stop all fraud, stop trading! This is undoubtedly a flippant remark but it gets to the heart of the problem many organisations are facing.

A faster solution to creating more social housing in local communities

Posted on Jun 05 2015 by

Leading up to the election, candidates from all parties were asked how they would deal with the housing crisis that continues to affect the country.  Pledges from parties included: building new homes (both private and public), help for first-time buyers, reforms on social housing and housing benefit policies, caps on private rent increases and much […]

Fraud Report 2015 – Who are the fraudsters and who are the victims?

Posted on Jun 01 2015 by

Our fraud analysis includes a detailed demographic overview of which segments are committing fraud and which groups they are falling foul of the criminals.