Identity and Fraud

Friction-free payments make online transactions worth every penny

Posted on Nov 22 2012 by

As far as consumer interactions and payments are concerned, friction simply slows processes which should be straightforward and efficient by adding seemingly unnecessary steps.

Reducing friction increases both customer conversion and satisfaction leading to quicker transactions.

Hammersmith & Fulham’s high-profile fraud crackdown reveals stunning results

Posted on Nov 22 2012 by

The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham’s high-profile crackdown on social housing fraud has revealed stunning results with £2,680-a-day recovered for the public purse.

The borough joined forces with Experian to deploy the latest fraud detection and data-matching techniques to analyse its social tenancy records.

Spotting fraud networks

Posted on Nov 15 2012 by

Organised fraud is often regarded as less common than fraud perpetrated by individuals – but there’s little or no distinct boundary between the two. Whether it’s an individual making multiple fraudulent credit applications, or a professional fraudster recruiting multiple victims to launder money or commit cheque fraud, the scale of losses can be significant. Fraudsters usually target numerous organisations or even different divisions within the same organisation – so collaboration is vital.