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The true numbers behind personalisation – state of the nation

Posted on Oct 01 2015 by

Personalisation is a key technique for making customer journeys more relevant and tailored. In this article Matt Dunn digs into the numbers of personalisation from our recent report – who’s personalising what and to what extent? Read on to find out.

How to smoothly onboard to a new email service provider and get more of your marketing into the inbox

Posted on Oct 01 2015 by

Switching your Email Service Provider is a great opportunity to improve the performance of your marketing. However, make sure you follow these best practices

The future of retail – personal shoppers for all?

Posted on Sep 25 2015 by

The retail marketing landscape is rapidly evolving – but what is it evolving into? In this article Andy Saville outlines why and how this may look a lot like everyone having their own personal shoppers.

How to understand and meet customer expectations

Posted on Sep 11 2015 by

A happy customer is a loyal customer and loyal customers are valuable customers. But how can you assess customer expectations and what can you do to help meet them?

DMPs – what are they, what do they do and who uses them?

Posted on Sep 03 2015 by

DMPs – or Data Management Platforms – are a critical part of the evolving digital advertising landscape. Read this intro and definition article to keep up to speed.

What are DSPs and what do they mean for marketers?

Posted on Aug 24 2015 by

Most marketers will have heard about programmatic advertising (if you haven’t, read this post I wrote a while ago), but may be struggling to understand how all the pieces fit together. One term you will repeatedly come across in any background reading on the matter is ‘DSP’ – or Demand-Side Platform. Read on for the full definition.

Top 10 email tips for retail marketers

Posted on Aug 19 2015 by

Dan gives us his eagerly anticipated top 10 tips to help your email marketing. How many are you currently doing? Got anything to add? Read on to find out…

How to choose the right contact strategy when there are more possibilities than there are stars in the universe

Posted on Aug 17 2015 by

Customers are individuals, with specific behaviours and preferences which dictate how, and when, they want to be communicated with. However, with potentially many millions of customers (or prospects) with whom to communicate, many different channels available, a multitude of messages and products, as well as limits on the volumes and timings of when those messages can […]

Innovation in retail – five innovative retail marketing strategies to consider

Posted on Aug 13 2015 by

Retail is a competitive environment and to stay top you have to keep the customer first – here are five innovative ideas on how to do exatly that from our retail expert Andy Saville

20 top tips for retail email marketers – part one

Posted on Aug 06 2015 by

Email marketing remains critical to retail marketing. In this first of a two-part series Dan Kennedy provides his comprehensive 20 tips on how to get the best out of your email marketing.