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Wishing your customers a happy birthday – Why birthday emails are ideal for driving conversion

Posted on Jun 16 2015 by

Birthday email programmes are an excellent way of positively interacting with customers. With a well-timed message and the right offer you can catch your customer at a really happy point in their life and create the opportunity for a moment of real brand enjoyment

The top three challenges to creating a Single Customer View and how to overcome them

Posted on Jun 11 2015 by

This post explains the top challenges facing marketers in their attempts to build single customer views in order to make their marketing more efficient and effective.

How to combine mobile browsing with in-store shopping in a retail world

Posted on Jun 11 2015 by

In this post Andy Saville highlights a number of the tactics retailers are currently trialing to utilise mobile technology to bridge the gap between online and offline.the gap

Customers – the centre of your marketing, your brand and your business

Posted on May 29 2015 by

Richard Whale explains why customer centricity is crucial not only in your marketing but across your business. He also delves into why and how brands can start to re-position themselves.

Why subscribers become inactive and how marketers can avoid it happening

Posted on May 18 2015 by

Inactive subscribers are a frustration. Yes you can run a reactivation campaign – but what can you do to avoid subscribers becoming inactive? Read this post by Jalna Soulage to find out

Global survey results – revealing the top challenges and top priorities for senior marketers in 2015

Posted on May 12 2015 by

This post highlights the top challenges and priorities of senior marketers based on our annual survey of over 1,000 digital marketers worldwide

The head or the heart – the psychology behind marketing

Posted on Apr 23 2015 by

Are marketers too focused on KPIs and data analysis? What about the reasons why some things work and others don’t? Ben delves into the psychology of marketing.

Is webrooming the new showrooming? – what retailers need to know

Posted on Apr 20 2015 by

Following a recent article on showrooming Andrew Saville explains the concept of webrooming and what it means for retail marketers.

The three crucial ingredients to joining up your data – SCVs, good analytics and the right expertise

Posted on Apr 17 2015 by

To achieve a cross-channel approach you need to join up your data. To do that yuou need to a) Achieve a Single Customer View b) Have good analytics and c) Have access to the necessary expertise. Read this article to find out more.

Using gamification to spice up your marketing

Posted on Apr 02 2015 by

Gamification is a popular tactic and term in modern marketing. Are you using gamification tactics? Do you even know what they are? Read this post to find out.