Google dips below 90% market share of UK Search

October proved to be scary month not just for Halloween but also for Google’s share of the UK search market.

The latest search stats show that 89.33% of all UK Internet searches were conducted on Google Sites. This is the first time in the last five years that Google has ever dropped below a 90% market share of UK search.

 As Google’s market share dropped it was a positive month for Microsoft, Yahoo!, Ask and the all Other search engines monitored by Experian Hitwise. Microsoft Sites, led by the bing engine increased market share by 0.72% up to 4.71% of all searches. This was a 2012 peak for Microsoft which was also ahead by 0.86% year-on-year.

October saw the launch of Windows 8 with bing set as the default search engine which may have gone some way to increasing Microsoft’s market share. Online searches for Windows 8 increased by 120% throughout October showing the increased online interest for Microsoft’s new operating system. As search continues to diversify however, the market is likely to continue to shift and change.

Clearly, Google still maintains a huge competitive edge over the other search engines in the UK market. There are 18 times more searches conducted on Google Sites than on all the other search engines combined. However, this is encouraging news for Microsoft as bing once again starts to gain some momentum and traction in the UK search market.

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