Alternative finance: crowd funding, business angels and trade finance

Posted on Aug 14 2015 by

With increasing alternative finance options being made available to small to medium enterprises (SMEs), less and less are going to traditional lending methods. In this post, we look at three different alternative finance methods that are gaining popularity in the market today. According to The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the amount lent by alternative finance […]

SMEs and cyber attack

Posted on Aug 14 2015 by

Research shows that cyber attacks are an increasing problem for SMEs and it’s something that we think you should be paying more attention to. We explain why SMEs are a target, how attacks happen, what the potential risks are and how you can defend yourself. Why SMEs are an easy target? SMEs don’t normally think that […]

Innovation in retail – five innovative retail marketing strategies to consider

Posted on Aug 13 2015 by

Retail is a competitive environment and to stay top you have to keep the customer first – here are five innovative ideas on how to do exatly that from our retail expert Andy Saville

Over 95% of towns are too expensive for new families to move up property ladder

Posted on Aug 10 2015 by

The UK housing market is at risk of stalemate as growing families in most parts of the country face unaffordable hikes to their mortgage if they want to move up the property ladder. For many towns across the UK moving up the property ladder from a starter home to a larger family home, can be […]

Identity theft – why do crooks want to steal your identity?

Posted on Aug 06 2015 by

Identity theft is the acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information for gain. Generally, there are two categories of fraud, they are referred to as: first party fraud and third party fraud. In first party fraud, the fraud is committed by the owner of the account and doesn’t involve identity theft. Third party […]

20 top tips for retail email marketers – part one

Posted on Aug 06 2015 by

Email marketing remains critical to retail marketing. In this first of a two-part series Dan Kennedy provides his comprehensive 20 tips on how to get the best out of your email marketing.

UK economic growth to remain solid for rest of 2015

Posted on Aug 06 2015 by

The UK economy got back on track in 2015q2 with growth at 0.7% q-on-q. Expansion remains driven by consumer spending as export-reliant industries continue to struggle against the backdrop of a strong pound coupled with sluggish demand from the EU.

International credit reporting

Posted on Aug 04 2015 by

Many UK companies are expanding into new markets to look for customers and international trade is becoming an increasingly popular option. It is important to credit check your customers and suppliers within the UK, this should be even more important when dealing with them overseas.  There’s always an element of risk, how do you know if […]

Trading with China

Posted on Aug 04 2015 by

34 per cent of companies interviewed in a recent survey saw China as the biggest market with export potential.  It’s clear to see that China will have a big part to play in the future expansion plans of British companies, with imports and exports to and from China already increasing. So why is China becoming such […]

An introduction to International Trade

Posted on Aug 04 2015 by

A recent survey has revealed that six out of every ten SME’s in the UK expect to be trading internationally by 2016. A 20 per cent increase on the number of companies trading internationally now.                                   The increase in export activity […]