Customer Testimonial: Best of British Manufacturing

Posted on Oct 01 2015 by

A1 Flue Systems is a British-based commercial flue manufacturer that has been in operation for over 40 years. Employing 140 people in the Nottinghamshire area, it designs, manufactures and installs commercial and industry chimneys, flues and exhaust systems according to a client’s bespoke brief. Having delivered successful work on high profile projects such as The Shard, the […]

How to smoothly onboard to a new email service provider and get more of your marketing into the inbox

Posted on Oct 01 2015 by

Switching your Email Service Provider is a great opportunity to improve the performance of your marketing. However, make sure you follow these best practices

Customer Testimonial: Printing for Perfection

Posted on Oct 01 2015 by

 Code Print is a small business based out of Nottingham in the East Midlands. Having opened its doors in 2010, the small print management and promotional gift business offers print solutions, as well as advice and guidance on making the most of print and promotional goods at a cost effective price for customers. Despite being a competitive […]

The future of retail – personal shoppers for all?

Posted on Sep 25 2015 by

The retail marketing landscape is rapidly evolving – but what is it evolving into? In this article Andy Saville outlines why and how this may look a lot like everyone having their own personal shoppers.

5 of the most remarkable instances in the history of fraud

Posted on Sep 25 2015 by

The fight against fraud is an on-going battle, but it is not one faced exclusively by our generation. For as long as currency has existed, so has fraud.

Is Rent Payment Information Changing the Credit Landscape?

Posted on Sep 25 2015 by

The Rental Exchange makes vital information about rental payments available to lenders, so that you get added insight into affordability, through more complete credit scoring. By having the most comprehensive view of your customers’ financial situations, you have the best chance to lend responsibly and prevent fraud.

7 ways for telecoms to prepare for EU regulation on roaming

Posted on Sep 24 2015 by

The Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are being increasingly challenged to strike a balance between growing revenues, managing customer expectations, reducing operational costs, and complying with regulatory changes. If implemented, the European Union (EU) Commission proposal for the end of international roaming charges, by June 2017, will have an enormous impact on the European mobile industry.

What is a BIC used for?

Posted on Sep 21 2015 by

In a previous blog we answered the question ‘what is a BIC’ (Business/Bank Identifier Code) but we didn’t delve into the detail about what a BIC is used for. As we saw in the last blog, a BIC is used to identify a specific business, most commonly a bank, and in some cases a specific […]

Good credit control can help your company prosper

Posted on Sep 21 2015 by

Credit control is important in every company, especially for small to medium enterprises (SME). Every company should ensure they collect their invoices on time and there are procedures in place to do this efficiently and effectively. Late payments and uncollected invoices are a big problem for SMEs in the UK and accumulation of these will […]

Experian expects retail sales volumes to pick up in the coming months

Posted on Sep 18 2015 by

Retail sales continue to grow but the pace has eased markedly from the exceptional rate seen earlier this year. However Experian anticipates that the growth rate will pick up over the next few months.