Where are you with your email personalisation? – The six stages of personalising your email marketing

Posted on Aug 03 2015 by

Personalisation is a great way of making your email communications more relevant and effective. Check out the Experian sophistication gradient to see where your efforts currently leave you

Understanding demographics – Britain’s aspiring homemakers disappearing from major city centres

Posted on Jul 30 2015 by

According to a recent Experian study, first time buyers are now more likely to be living in the Western Isles of Scotland than in Kensington and Chelsea.
Using Experian’s Mosaic segmentation tool it’s possible to build a detailed picture of the demographics of particular areas and the types of people who are likely to live there.

What does the first estimates of 2015 Q2 UK GDP tell us about UK economy?

Posted on Jul 30 2015 by

The first estimate of UK GDP for the second quarter of 2015 confirmed our expectations that the economy bounced back strongly in the spring, growing by 0.7% q-o-q, up from 0.4% in 2015q1. The latest release also confirmed that GDP-per-head is finally back to pre-recession levels.

Great Expectations: Meeting consumer demands for perfect data

Posted on Jul 27 2015 by

As consumers take more control of their credit rating they require help and support in understanding the information that appears on their credit report and querying anything they don’t understand or believe is incorrect. That is a key role that we – as a CRA – fulfil for consumers.

What the End of the Driving License Counterpart Means for Insurance Fraud

Posted on Jul 27 2015 by

On 8 June 2015 driving licence counterparts were officially abolished by the DVLA in favour of View Driver Record – an electronic database where people can access the information previously held on their paper counterpart licence, such as vehicle licence types, penalty points and convictions.

Contactless cards and data theft – what’s the problem?

Posted on Jul 24 2015 by

The mainstream press have been all of a flutter, with the story that fraudsters with scanners can walk down the street and steal card data from contactless cards while we go about our daily business. But how much of a problem is this? Who suffers the most loss?  And what can be done to protect […]

Starting a company Part five: Register your company

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When registering a new start-up, there are two main options that people normally take. This is either becoming a sole trader or registering as a limited company. According to your needs, you should’ve established by now which type of company you want to form. Sole Trader 75% of UK companies have no employees apart from themselves and are […]

Starting a company Part four: Write your business plan

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Now that you’ve done all your information gathering you should be ready to produce your start-up business plan. This business plan will help you map out your company and put down in writing all the research you’ve done. Business plans vary in length from a few sentences to more than 100 pages, on average; they’re 15-20 […]

Starting a company Part three: Choosing the right company name

Posted on Jul 24 2015 by

This is one of the most enjoyable and fun parts of planning your company. Your name is the image that your company projects and the first point of call for a customer. Good or bad, it’ll be what draws customers to you or turn them away to competitors. Follow these five tips to naming your company: […]

Starting a company Part two: Who to sell to and why

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No one can afford to target everyone, it doesn’t make any commercial sense and for a start-up it isn’t realistically possible. You need to be clear of who your target market is from the beginning and who you’d like to target towards so you can tailor to their needs. To effectively compete (with large companies […]