Starting a company Part three: Choosing the right company name

Posted on Jul 24 2015 by

This is one of the most enjoyable and fun parts of planning your company. Your name is the image that your company projects and the first point of call for a customer. Good or bad, it’ll be what draws customers to you or turn them away to competitors. Follow these five tips to naming your company: […]

Starting a company Part two: Who to sell to and why

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No one can afford to target everyone, it doesn’t make any commercial sense and for a start-up it isn’t realistically possible. You need to be clear of who your target market is from the beginning and who you’d like to target towards so you can tailor to their needs. To effectively compete (with large companies […]

Starting a company Part one – Basics to starting a company

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There is proof that the entrepreneurial spirit in Britain is on the rise with a record 581,173 new companies being registered with the Companies House in 2014; this is a 10 per cent increase from 2013 figures. 81 per cent of entrepreneurs said they were happier than being employed despite being busier, with only 44 […]

We’re living in the future, now – wearable tech, the Internet of Things and data-driven decisions

Posted on Jul 23 2015 by

The Internet of things and wearable tech are just two of the more recent technological advancements that could be straight out of a science fiction movie. How close are we to hoverboards?

What is a Single Customer View? What are the benefits?

Posted on Jul 23 2015 by

A Single Customer View (or SCV) is a single view of your customer including all their known contacts points and preferences. Read on for how to create one and what it enables marketers to do.

Branchless Banks and the Identity Checking Conundrum

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Two headlines caught my eye recently, the first concerned the rise in current account fraud and the second was a new bank starting up – a bank that wouldn’t have any branches.

Seven ways to control costs

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1. Plan out an effective budget When creating a budget, make sure that it’s flexible and not something you produce at the beginning of the year to not to be referred to again. A dynamic budget reviewed regularly can help you to react to ever-changing market climates. It’ll let you know when it’s time to […]

Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) to be made permanent

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In light of the recent budget, the Government has announced that the Office of Tax Simplification will be established on a permanent basis with an expanded role and capacity. They’ll be put on a statutory footing in the 2016 Finance Bill providing independent advice to the Government on how to deliver a simpler tax system. […]

How will the Summer Budget 2015 affect your business

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The Chancellor of the Exchange, George Osborne, announced that the rate of corporation tax would fall to 19 per cent in 2017 and 18 per cent in 2020, the lowest in the G20. For start-ups and many UK small firms, this is unlikely to have a big impact. Employment costs The Chancellor announced a 50 […]

Guest post: 5 ways to protect against online fraud from Frank Abagnale

Posted on Jul 22 2015 by

What took time, patience, unusual equipment and certain skills years ago can be accomplished in a matter of minutes online today. Technology and the internet have enabled the growth and prevalence of online fraud. For today’s fraud perpetrator, all you need is a laptop, internet connection and some knowledge of how to operate phishing emails.