2016 Payments Trends – Updates to internet security cause confusion and failures

Posted on Feb 03 2016 by

The fourth item on the list of payments trends for 2016 is not specifically a payments industry issue although it could have a significant impact if not properly managed.

Cash-savvy millennials out-saving their free-spending parents

Posted on Feb 03 2016 by

New research from our Millennial Me & My Money report, reveals nearly half that (45%) of Millennials (18-34 year olds) manage to save at least a quarter of their disposable income every month – compared to just a third (34%) of their parents’ generation (35-55-year-olds).

2016 Payments Trends – Electronic push payments start to stem the rise in debit cards

Posted on Feb 02 2016 by

The third item on the list of trends for 2016 is the changing means of customer purchases.  The third item on the list of trends for 2016 is the changing means of customer purchases. Over the last few years, debit card transactions have increased significantly, overtaking cash by volume of payments in 2015. This has […]

How can you attract new customers?

Posted on Feb 02 2016 by

Customers are the lifeline of any business so it’s vital that you not only nurture your existing customers, but continue to look for new ones too. Especially so for businesses that have just entered the market, they tend to have limited resources and marketing budget, as well as not registering a profit from a new customer […]

A Seamless Experience

Posted on Feb 01 2016 by

Customers are now using digital and mobile technologies to engage with organisations around the clock, and to get immediate responses to their requests. They expect banking services to work the same way.

2016 Payments Trends – The customer/bank interface will be opened up

Posted on Jan 29 2016 by

The second item on the list of payments trends for 2016 is around the way that bank clients access payment and banking services. A key topic for a number of regulators is how to increase competition in the provision of bank account services. Some of the issues to be addressed are the sizable investments required […]

What is days beyond terms and how can you reduce it?

Posted on Jan 29 2016 by

Days beyond terms (DBT) is a commonly used business credit term that indicates how long a business has taken to pay its invoices beyond the agreed payment terms. Prompt payment of invoices is one of the biggest problems that SMEs face. Just over a half of UK SMEs have to wait 30 days or more […]

Adding age and gender to the fraud mix

Posted on Jan 29 2016 by

Age and gender analysis across first and third-party fraud have now been added into our analysis to help offer an even broader picture of fraudsters and their victims.

Rethinking the customer experience – Interactions and touchpoints rather than campaigns?

Posted on Jan 26 2016 by

The customer experience and journey has changed dramatically – no longer are funnels particularly relevant. In this preview piece for #6for16 Colin Grieves gives us his vies on the future of marketing

UK retail sales volumes fall in December

Posted on Jan 25 2016 by

The latest retail sales figures are disappointing, but we expect sales volume growth to improve in the coming months though at a slower rate than in the early part of 2015.