Is this the Tipping Point for banks?

Posted on Jul 16 2015 by

Right now retail banking has reached a Tipping Point as more money than ever before is being invested into financial technology ventures. Analysis shows that challenger banks are currently seeing some strong areas of growth.

What is progressive profiling? How it works and best practice

Posted on Jul 13 2015 by

Progressive profiling is a method of gathering customer data in small increments to avoid damaging the customer journey. Read on for an explanation and best practice guidance from Experian’s very own Matt Dunn.

The top three barriers to cross-channel retail marketing and what you need to do about them

Posted on Jul 09 2015 by

Retail marketing needs to adapt to become cross channel. Check out this post by Andy Saville which highlights the biggest barriers and how you can overcome them.

The information you should be capturing to improve your marketing efforts

Posted on Jul 09 2015 by

Email marketing has changed. Spray and pray doesn’t work. In the piece email expert Jalna Soulage explains the types of data required to tailor your comms to make them more relevant and effective.

New industry body will highlight the cost of fraud in the UK

Posted on Jul 08 2015 by

The government’s fraud cost estimate set to be revived. UK’s only indicator on the total cost of fraud to be launched this year.

Retail sales volume growth on track to reach strongest level since 2004

Posted on Jul 07 2015 by

Retail sales have continued to forge ahead in May of this year. The figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that volumes rose by 1% (excluding automotive fuel) compared with the previous three months. The rise compared with March-May 2014 was 4.7%, but marked decrease in the general price level of goods in the […]

Current accounts become number one fraud target

Posted on Jul 02 2015 by

Current account fraud has now surpassed mortgage application fraud, which until now had been the biggest target – 83 out of every 10,000 applications.

Collections prevention is better than cure

Posted on Jun 26 2015 by

An effective collections prevention strategy helps to identify those at risk of defaulting before the worst happens, so you can take measures to help them meet their obligations.

Three retail banking trends – What does the bank of the future look like?

Posted on Jun 25 2015 by

When we talk about retail banking we’re generally referring to a few ‘big names’, the main high street banks, built up over many decades – in some cases centuries. They have grown and acquired their smaller competitors and are an established presence in all our lives.

Plug into our interactive fraud data

Posted on Jun 24 2015 by

There’s a world of information available at your fingertips. Simply click on the links for a first-hand look.