Fraud – does it have to affect customer experience?

Posted on Apr 16 2015 by

Latest statistics show a marked shift in the level of third-party fraud– where a victim’s identity has been stolen. This trend has developed over the past year and fraud related to stolen identities now accounts for more than half (52%) of all detected fraud cases.*

How automotive finance providers can put customers first with affordability assessments

Posted on Apr 08 2015 by

Affordability assessments are not yet compulsory in the automotive industry, like they are for other forms of credit; at least for now. That means you can decide exactly who to lend to, and on what terms, without any set guidelines from the FCA or other regulators. It sounds like great news – but is it really?

Account Number Portability – The Next Logical Step?

Posted on Apr 07 2015 by

In September 2013 the UK Payments Council launched the Current Account Switching Service, this means that people can switch their current account to a new participating bank and have their new account, along with their existing payments up and running within seven days.

Using gamification to spice up your marketing

Posted on Apr 02 2015 by

Gamification is a popular tactic and term in modern marketing. Are you using gamification tactics? Do you even know what they are? Read this post to find out.

Somebody that you used to know? – Re-energise inactive subscribers with a perfect reactivation campaign

Posted on Mar 31 2015 by

Reactivation campaigns are a great way of re-engaging with inactive subscribers, cleaning your database and avoiding spam traps – for more read this pos

Find out why you might have a poor business credit score

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

There is no universal cut off between your company having a good business credit score and a bad business credit score, but you are generally seen as having bad credit if your score is below 50. Trying to expand any business takes investment. But knowing where to turn to get the cash to invest can be difficult, especially […]

Why it’s important to separate your business credit from personal credit

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

Did you know that 56%* of company owners have used their own money to support their business, with the average amount invested being £22,700? It’s certainly true that many small business owners use personal credit to run their business. However, if you are a sole proprietor, your personal credit and your business credit are closely linked in […]

10 Steps to improve your business credit score

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

  Credit scoring is vital to the growth of any business – from winning new contracts, to securing additional borrowing, to getting better deals from suppliers. And there is no time like the present to check your own business’s rating and take these ten simple steps to improve it, if required: Find out your business […]

How do I get my business credit report?

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

You can check your business credit report through subscribing to Experian My Business Profile. Through My Business Profile, you get full visibility of your business credit report, which includes previous search details, credit account and business information. Why should I check my business credit report through Experian? The integrity of Experian data is highly regarded […]

How is my business credit score determined?

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

A number of factors are taken into account when calculating your business credit score. These include…