Small Business: Improve cash flow effectively and avoid late payments

Posted on Nov 22 2012 by

As a growing business, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy cash flow. While the primary goal is to ensure your outgoings are constantly balanced by inflow, you need to be prepared for cash flow problems and large or unexpected expenses. Carefully protecting cash flow by monitoring this movement is essential to long-term survival.

Is Big Data the new CRM?

Posted on Nov 19 2012 by

I recently attended a conference about Big Data. All the big IT players were there, lots of clever stuff was discussed and new toys and techniques were dangled in front of us all in the promise of making our businesses more effective. But then I had a feeling of déjà vu. I couldn’t help feeling that I was back in one of the CRM conferences from about 10 or 15 years ago.

Location, location, location – the importance of spatial planning

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

With the high street once again in a state of flux, retailers are starting to re-evaluate their presence – namely, how big the optimal catchment size is for their stores and how best to cover the UK most effectively. What seems like a straightforward questions at first – surely all retailers have to do is measure the existing catchment areas of the current portfolio of stores and extrapolate the data from there – is not quite as simple as it seems.

Five top tips for effective email marketing

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

With 107 trillion emails sent worldwide last year, the fight to stand out and grab attention gets harder and harder. Added to this moves by some ISPs to penalise senders who have lower engagement metrics with their subscribers has added more woe to the story.

How can marketers use data to achieve true customer engagement in the multichannel world?

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

With more marketing channels than ever before, marketers now have access to an absolute wealth of data to enhance customer engagement. It’s opening up a lot of opportunities – but also posing a few challenges.

Customer Engagement: A New Paradigm?

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

Both CRM and Customer Engagement promise increases in loyalty and customer profitability based on the delivery of continuous value to customers. CRM saw the first step away from one-way, mass marketing to two-way dialogues and with it came new technologies to facilitate these relationships. But in most cases it was the company that drove the conversations and not the customer. However, with the advent of Web 2.0 and social media applications, the power of the consumer to drive these conversations has grown significantly.

Feast or famine: how to avoid data indigestion

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

So you’ve got lots of data, but do you know what to analyse and which metrics to use?

I spend a lot of time talking to clients from a wide range of sectors about their headaches and of course looking for ways to take away the pain. And if there is one single theme that unites clients with an online presence today, it’s the challenge of making sense of the vast array of data they now have available to them.

Big Data – big headache or big opportunity

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

We live in an increasingly digital society. We shop, meet friends, research our holidays, learn and play games online using computers, smartphones and tablets. GPS-enabled smartphones broadcast our position and smart electricity meters can now broadcast our electricity consumption 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Should you stay loyal to loyalty?

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

Loyalty schemes aren’t right for every retailer, but the rich customer insight they can provide is.

In theory loyalty cards provide retailers with an incredibly rich source of consumer data, allowing them to promote customer retention, avoid wasted generic marketing spend and engage with the most lucrative customer segments.

5 recommendations for using segmentation online

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

This article will discuss how brands can leverage existing segmentation as part of their online acquisition strategies providing 5 key recommendations for putting segmentation at the heart of online acquisition. First though it’s worth explaining why existing segmentation isn’t used in online acquisition strategies.