Are lenders becoming too lenient?

Posted on Nov 23 2012 by

In the hope of strengthening customer relationships before the next market boom, many lenders have taken a proactive approach to dealing with customers struggling under the backlash of the recession, offering leniency on payment terms and allowing payment holidays.

Is bad debt the price of growth?

Posted on Nov 23 2012 by

As the economy fluctuates between contraction and growth, those businesses getting ready for the latter must prepare to face a new set of challenges. In the past, the volume of sales coming in meant businesses could absorb a certain amount of bad debt without cause for concern and credit departments were forced to absorb this debt in the name of ‘growth’. Today, even a little bad debt can cause big problems.

Are you making the most of stress testing?

Posted on Nov 23 2012 by

Stress testing our consumer and commercial portfolios has become part and parcel of regulatory reporting in the aftermath of the credit crunch. With more robust stress test methodologies being required, the outputs can also be applied usefully to extract additional value across a number of other functions within credit risk management and financial planning. William Thomson, Experian Director of Economics, discusses the way ahead…

Are lenders seeing all the distress signals?

Posted on Nov 23 2012 by

Already well-established within the UK credit industry, data sharing has proved a highly rewarding tool for responsible lenders for more than 30 years. However, with the global financial meltdown of the past few years, access to timely, quality data from some of the UK’s largest creditors, combined with enriched consumer information, means it’s critical for a 360 degree view of a customer’s overall financial situation meaning you can see any financial warning signs.

How to build a targeted B2B prospect list

Posted on Nov 22 2012 by

Targeting is arguably the most important part of Business prospecting. You can have a brilliant product with a great offer and wonderful creative to sell it, but if it goes to someone who is just not going to be interested, none of this matters.

Friction-free payments make online transactions worth every penny

Posted on Nov 22 2012 by

As far as consumer interactions and payments are concerned, friction simply slows processes which should be straightforward and efficient by adding seemingly unnecessary steps.

Reducing friction increases both customer conversion and satisfaction leading to quicker transactions.

Hammersmith & Fulham’s high-profile fraud crackdown reveals stunning results

Posted on Nov 22 2012 by

The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham’s high-profile crackdown on social housing fraud has revealed stunning results with £2,680-a-day recovered for the public purse.

The borough joined forces with Experian to deploy the latest fraud detection and data-matching techniques to analyse its social tenancy records.

What can email marketing do for my business?

Posted on Nov 22 2012 by

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways for a business to attract new customers and enhance relationships with them. With the right strategy and know-how, it can be a powerful tool through which you can build brand loyalty and repeat business with your customers and potential prospects.

Small Business: Improve cash flow effectively and avoid late payments

Posted on Nov 22 2012 by

As a growing business, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of maintaining a healthy cash flow. While the primary goal is to ensure your outgoings are constantly balanced by inflow, you need to be prepared for cash flow problems and large or unexpected expenses. Carefully protecting cash flow by monitoring this movement is essential to long-term survival.

Is Big Data the new CRM?

Posted on Nov 19 2012 by

I recently attended a conference about Big Data. All the big IT players were there, lots of clever stuff was discussed and new toys and techniques were dangled in front of us all in the promise of making our businesses more effective. But then I had a feeling of déjà vu. I couldn’t help feeling that I was back in one of the CRM conferences from about 10 or 15 years ago.