What does 2015 have in store for Marketers? – 2015 predictions

Posted on Jan 07 2015 by

Experian’s Giles Longhurst gives his views on what 2015 has in store for marketing. Social media as a paid channel, marketers becoming analysts, mobile to pass the 50% mark… read on for more.

Helping Movember and Merlin engage and communicate with customers

Posted on Jan 07 2015 by

In this video case study we show you how Experian Marketing Services helped Movember and Merlin (London Eye, Thorpe Park) improve how they communicate and interact with customers – with great results.

Take a look Inside Experian

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At the heart of our story, it’s about making a difference to peoples’ everyday lives.

What characteristics go into the measurement of an online audience?

Posted on Jan 05 2015 by

There are plenty of factors which go into describing an individual online. Here we list and structure the key characteristics to help brands get to know their customer a little better.

How lenders can make customer relationships personal

Posted on Jan 05 2015 by

On its own, credit data can’t help you deliver the personalised, proactive service your customers want. You also need to understand the full picture of each individual person to return the human element to financial services

Steps to boost your business in 2015

Posted on Jan 01 2015 by

A new year is always a time of reflection, and for small and medium enterprise owners there are no exceptions. With success coming in different shapes and sizes, consider how you can help support your company in the year ahead to make it your best yet. 1. Don’t lose sight of your goals It’s all too […]

Record-breaking Boxing Day caps successful festive period for retail

Posted on Dec 30 2014 by

Christmas Day and Boxing Day capped off what has proved to be a very successful festive period for UK retailers. Online traffic data available here.

Leading the field in big data analytics

Posted on Dec 29 2014 by

Using big data to create actionable business insight requires the right blend of specialist big data analytics skills, and secure, powerful big data infrastructure. At Experian, we bring all the ingredients together in the form of DataLabs to help you increase your success.

Don’t miss a single marketing opportunity with the free 2015 Insights Calendar

Posted on Dec 23 2014 by

The Experian Insights Calendar is a useful guide for the key moments throughout the year. It provides insight into the best times to launch email campaigns and when certain keywords are being searched for. It’s also completely free. Find out more here.

Contact them vs don’t contact them – the challenge facing the majority of marketing analysts

Posted on Dec 22 2014 by

In this blog post by David Percy we discuss when it’s best to contact customers and why even personalised messages can sometimes be too much.