Cooking up a single customer view: why do marketers struggle?

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

Culinary luminaries despise dishes with too many ingredients – but is it the ingredients that pose the problem or the execution of the dish? Great ingredients, a talented chef, but no recipe.

Let’s take a growing business, with growing customer touch points. Increased customer interaction leads to increased data capture across multiple, growing channels.

Google dips below 90% market share of UK Search

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

October proved to be scary month not just for Halloween but also for Google’s share of the UK search market.

The latest search stats show that 89.33% of all UK Internet searches were conducted on Google Sites. This is the first time in the last five years that Google has ever dropped below a 90% market share of UK search.

Are symbols in emails a risky business?

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

I recently received an email from a London-based company that I usually engage with regularly but the subject line of this particular message had me clicking straight on the delete button:

“It’s Friday. Can we have a cocktail now?”

Yolo unfairly overlooked as Word of the Year

Posted on Nov 16 2012 by

I am always fascinated by the evolution of language and so it was a delight to see the Oxford English Dictionary proclaiming the word “omnishambles” as the word of the year for 2012.

What is always interesting to me is how the judges of panels deciding such things come to choose the eventual winner. What was it that made omnishambles a better word in the judges’ eyes than some of the other contenders including “pleb”, “mobot”, “mummy porn” or “yolo”?

Spotting fraud networks

Posted on Nov 15 2012 by

Organised fraud is often regarded as less common than fraud perpetrated by individuals – but there’s little or no distinct boundary between the two. Whether it’s an individual making multiple fraudulent credit applications, or a professional fraudster recruiting multiple victims to launder money or commit cheque fraud, the scale of losses can be significant. Fraudsters usually target numerous organisations or even different divisions within the same organisation – so collaboration is vital.

6 Essential steps to define your big data strategy

Posted on Nov 15 2012 by

Stick to core data strategy principles regardless of the size of your data

Developing a data strategy is nothing new – many organisations have been focussed on the topic for years. However history shows many organisations struggle to get the right level of engagement, leaving such initiatives stalling, with business functions still questioning the accuracy of data underpinning day-to-day decisions.