Industry Trends 2013 – A smooth channel crossing

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The nomenclature of modern marketing can be as fast changing as marketing itself. Just as we get to grips with multi-channel marketing, why is everyone now talking about cross-channel? Taking it back to basics, we’re all trying to do the same thing (no matter what we choose to call it).

29th July 2013: UK Consumer Spending Review

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Sunita Bali assess the UK consumer outlook from the perspective of the Comprehensive Spending Review

Yorkshire Water – first UK water company to use data-sharing, halves litigation costs and improves customer satisfaction

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Yorkshire Water halves litigation costs and improves customer satisfaction

Industry Trends 2013 — Less waste, more speed

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Back in the old days, marketers could take their time over campaigns. Six months out from launch, the planning would start and in the intervening months this would built into a solid strategy that would then, like some well-oiled military operation, roll out to an expectant target audience. Any marketing campaign that still uses this approach will fail.

22nd July 2013: UK Housing Market Update

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Sadia Sheikh presents the outlook for house price growth based on recent developments.

Anglian Water delivers new industry-leading debt management programme, saving more than £500,000

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New approach to collections and debt saves Anglian Water over £500,000.

Shopper Traffic Continues To Go Down As Barbecue Weather Stays On

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The latest national retail traffic report from Experian FootFall shows a 2.1% week on week increase in shopper traffic and a decline of 8% year on year as the hot weather continues.

Industry Trends 2013 – United we (under)stand

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Information is a free spirit, it eddies and flows through an organisation, scorning borders and showing no respect to departments or divisions.

It’s no surprise then that the arch villain in the business data story is the silo. Silos are artificial fortresses that try to keep people and things apart. Silos usually form around departmental boundaries, so there are barriers between sales and marketing, IT and logistics.

Preventing fraud and error, safeguarding public funds

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Public Sector Insight 2013 – Preventing fraud and error, safeguarding public funds

15th July 2013: French Economic Prospects

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Laila Dib analyses the French economy and discusses the three key factors holding France from a strong economic recovery