The 10 common traps of segmenting customers – Part 2

Posted on Jun 07 2013 by

Of all the activities in the business cycle, the segmentation initiative is always the most predictable – in its approach, its lack of success and its perpetual recurrence. Read on for the second part of my post on the most common traps of segmenting customers.

Retail Traffic Warmed Up Nationally

Posted on Jun 06 2013 by

The latest National retail traffic report from Experian FootFall shows a 9.2% week on week uplift in shopper traffic and a decline of 3.1% year on year.

3rd June 2013: Portugal Deficit Update

Posted on Jun 04 2013 by

Thomas Crowdy provides an update on Portugal’s on-going process of fiscal adjustment and assesses the implications for short-term growth.

The rise of mobile banking, payments and identity – video interview

Posted on Jun 04 2013 by

Mobile banking and identity validation go under the spotlight.

What’s in a name?

Posted on Jun 03 2013 by

Wising up to account takeover.

Don’t think the diet starts tomorrow

Posted on Jun 03 2013 by

SEPA compliance deadline looms.

The 10 common traps of segmenting customers – Part 1

Posted on Jun 02 2013 by

Segmentation is a powerful technique, but it can be misunderstood and misused. Therefore it’s important to have a clear idea about what segmentation should be used for. Read on to find out more about the 10 common traps of segmenting customers.

Are you sure you know your customers current address?

Posted on May 31 2013 by

Forward address links keep you up to date when your customers dont.

What is responsible lending?

Posted on May 31 2013 by

Responsible lending is to act in a customer’s best interests, ensuring affordability, transparency of terms and conditions and supporting a borrower if they experience repayment difficulties.

27th May 2013: Key Sectoral Trends

Posted on May 28 2013 by

Short-term trends are bleak: the weak eurozone is adversely affecting manufacturing via export demand whilst smaller businesses are being held back by lack of credit. Banks are under pressure from regulators and the public sector is struggling under its austerity programme. Consumers face poor labour market conditions while construction remains mired by lack of activity.