Customer Engagement: A New Paradigm?

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Both CRM and Customer Engagement promise increases in loyalty and customer profitability based on the delivery of continuous value to customers. CRM saw the first step away from one-way, mass marketing to two-way dialogues and with it came new technologies to facilitate these relationships. But in most cases it was the company that drove the conversations and not the customer. However, with the advent of Web 2.0 and social media applications, the power of the consumer to drive these conversations has grown significantly.

Feast or famine: how to avoid data indigestion

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So you’ve got lots of data, but do you know what to analyse and which metrics to use?

I spend a lot of time talking to clients from a wide range of sectors about their headaches and of course looking for ways to take away the pain. And if there is one single theme that unites clients with an online presence today, it’s the challenge of making sense of the vast array of data they now have available to them.

Big Data – big headache or big opportunity

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We live in an increasingly digital society. We shop, meet friends, research our holidays, learn and play games online using computers, smartphones and tablets. GPS-enabled smartphones broadcast our position and smart electricity meters can now broadcast our electricity consumption 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Should you stay loyal to loyalty?

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Loyalty schemes aren’t right for every retailer, but the rich customer insight they can provide is.

In theory loyalty cards provide retailers with an incredibly rich source of consumer data, allowing them to promote customer retention, avoid wasted generic marketing spend and engage with the most lucrative customer segments.

5 recommendations for using segmentation online

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This article will discuss how brands can leverage existing segmentation as part of their online acquisition strategies providing 5 key recommendations for putting segmentation at the heart of online acquisition. First though it’s worth explaining why existing segmentation isn’t used in online acquisition strategies.

Key to email deliverability is ensuring data integrity, relevance and reputation

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Our latest “The Proactive Marketer” report highlights the need for marketers to understand the connection between data integrity, relevance and reputation and why these three factors can make or break a campaign.

Data integrity should always play a pivotal role in any successful email campaign and remains the number one priority for email marketers. Experian’s recent Single Customer View research highlighted that more than 90 per cent of UK companies suspect that up to 25 per cent of their data is inaccurate really underlining how potential returns can be lost even before an email marketing campaign begins.

Segmentation – is value the missing piece?

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2012 is now well underway, and many businesses are now getting to the sharp end of some serious planning ready for the new financial year to come. One fundamental change I saw in client activity during 2011 stood out in particular and thoughts turned to how this could translate into the year ahead for many others.

So what was this change?

iPad Mini searches surge ahead of Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface

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In the key pitched battle between Apple, Google and Microsoft for dominance of the tablet wars it was the new iPad Mini that shot ahead of its competitors, reaffirming Apple’s place at the top of the tablet tree.

Looking at UK Internet searches for the iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface, you can see that the Nexus 7 has been leading the way for the last 12 weeks but that last week searches for iPad Mini quadrupled to overtake searches for Google’s Nexus 7.

Cooking up a single customer view: why do marketers struggle?

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Culinary luminaries despise dishes with too many ingredients – but is it the ingredients that pose the problem or the execution of the dish? Great ingredients, a talented chef, but no recipe.

Let’s take a growing business, with growing customer touch points. Increased customer interaction leads to increased data capture across multiple, growing channels.

Google dips below 90% market share of UK Search

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October proved to be scary month not just for Halloween but also for Google’s share of the UK search market.

The latest search stats show that 89.33% of all UK Internet searches were conducted on Google Sites. This is the first time in the last five years that Google has ever dropped below a 90% market share of UK search.