Global identity verification strengthened with new international data sources

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International coverage for identity verification extended with the addition of comprehensive and reliable customer data from Denmark and the Netherlands.


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When evaluating retail conversion across your estate, you’d be wise to think about this metric as a leg on a coffee table.

Sure, like a single table leg, retail conversion analysis is important – but it’s actually not very useful on its own. In fact, there are three other ‘legs’ of information that you require in order to truly understand the impact of conversion in your stores:

Understanding the fraudsters’ modus operandi

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Thanks to first-hand interviews with both convicted and unconvicted fraudsters we’ve built up a critical insight into ‘the fraudster’s modus operandi’

24th June 2013: Inflation Round-Up

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Inflation is being driven up by a variety of external factors despite underlying sluggish demand in the economy. Nowres Mohatam explores further…

Join our Utilities analytics webinar – Guide to scorecards

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Reduce customer churn, tackle change of supplier issues, enhance win back and retention within Utilities.

Census Trends: Not so young, not so free but definitely single

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With the 2011 Census highlighting over seven million single person households in England and Wales we thought that it be interesting to take a look at who these singletons are and where they are most likely to live by using our Mosaic consumer classifications.

No Claims Discount Database launched

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For the first time in the UK, the insurance industry will be able to confidently, quickly and easily validate individual’s ‘no claims’ history.

Retail Traffic Climbed Up For Eastern England

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Compared with last year, the Eastern England region alone saw climbing retail traffic volumes, up 2.1%. The latest national retail traffic report from Experian FootFall shows a 5.3% week on week increase in shopper traffic and a decline of 3.4% year on year, which is slightly better than the year to date shortfall of 4.3%.

Altrincham is UK’s provincial identity fraud capital

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East Ham, Romford and Bexleyheath are top hotspots for identity fraud in London, while first-party fraud is most prevalent in London with East Ham ranking highest.

17th June 2013: Keep up with Industrial change

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Stephen Adams discusses the implications of upcoming methodological changes to official data and definitions on key historical indicators.