Insolvencies fall, risks remain

Posted on Jul 10 2013 by

Experian’s latest Insolvency Index shows improvements in business failure rates across the UK in May 2013. Only the South East saw an increase, and that was a minor one.

8th July 2013: Recent Regional Survey Indicators

Posted on Jul 09 2013 by

Nina Orteza summarises the key findings of recent regional survey indicators on the state of the UK regions and concludes that some green shoots of activity could be emerging.

Device proliferation – Ready or not, here it comes

Posted on Jul 08 2013 by

At the end of 2012, the world reached a tipping point which saw the volume of connected devices surpass the human population. Behind this explosion is the rise of mobile consumer electronics and global demand for a more connected lifestyle. As a result, connected devices are now rapidly transforming the way the world communicates.

Industry Trends 2013 – Small steps towards big data

Posted on Jul 05 2013 by

Big data is the big buzzword. You’ll find it on the lips of politicians, captains of industry and pundits — it’s even described as the ‘new oil’. So what’s the big deal? Read on to find out how to start the big data journey.

Most Regions Enjoyed an Increase in Shopper Traffic Last Week

Posted on Jul 04 2013 by

The latest national retail traffic report from Experian FootFall shows a 0.7% week on week increase in shopper traffic and a decline of 4.0% year on year.

Be prepared to dig deeper to challenge customers for proof of identity

Posted on Jul 03 2013 by

Identity IQ provides electronic verification and security by quizzing customers questions randomly generated from a pool of more than 80 possibles.

1st July 2013: GDP revisions

Posted on Jul 01 2013 by

Stephen Adams highlights the key revisions made to previous GDP estimates and argues that the impact on the outlook is minimal.

“A property explosion” what is all the hype about?

Posted on Jun 27 2013 by

Experian’s insight reveals a surge in £500k properties being listed for sale. See what all the hype is about, and is this trend set to last?

Global identity verification strengthened with new international data sources

Posted on Jun 25 2013 by

International coverage for identity verification extended with the addition of comprehensive and reliable customer data from Denmark and the Netherlands.


Posted on Jun 24 2013 by

When evaluating retail conversion across your estate, you’d be wise to think about this metric as a leg on a coffee table.

Sure, like a single table leg, retail conversion analysis is important – but it’s actually not very useful on its own. In fact, there are three other ‘legs’ of information that you require in order to truly understand the impact of conversion in your stores: