Digital Trends 2013: Social data and social search in 2013

Posted on May 06 2013 by

As digital living took hold in 2012, social media became a significant part of everyday life for millions across the UK. Indeed, social media makes up 12% of all internet visits and a remarkable 23% of the total time spent online in the UK. The challenge will be to monetise and measure social investments by understanding the value of the data, insights and conversions that these social channels create.

Zombies… what zombies?

Posted on May 05 2013 by

I was drawn to a recent article in The Independent’s small business pages on corporate insolvencies entitled ‘It will take years to solve the zombie problem – if it exists’.

DataIQ NOW! 2013

Posted on May 01 2013 by

Yesterday I was at DataIQ NOW! with a group of data professionals, who all share my passion for data and the potential it gives us to deliver even smarter marketing campaigns. Read about my key takeaways from the event.

Real-time electronic validation benefits more than 50,000 residents and helps ease local authority overheads

Posted on Apr 29 2013 by

First-hand local authority case study outlining the successful implementation of our Authenticate solution.

Credit card fraud continues to rise

Posted on Apr 26 2013 by

Card fraud continues to steadily rise – for more information, in-depth analysis and emerging trends, download the latest copy of our Fraud Report.

Savings accounts fraud rates continue to rise

Posted on Apr 22 2013 by

Savings accounts have seen a steady uplift in attempted fraud rates within the past two years marking a trend that looks set to continue.

UK Labour Market Statistics – April release

Posted on Apr 22 2013 by

The latest labour market data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the shine is finally coming off the UK labour market in line with our expectations.

Digital Trends 2013: A new dynamic for search

Posted on Apr 22 2013 by

2012 has been a year of growth for search, not just in terms of volume but also in its maturity and prominence within the marketing mix. By the end of 2012, UK internet users will have made a billion more visits to search engines than they did in 2011. It currently takes the UK a fortnight to make a billion searches; by next year that will be down to 12 days and by 2015 it will take just over nine days.

Digital Trends 2013: Email back in the spotlight In 2013

Posted on Apr 15 2013 by

Though we have all come to know email marketing very well over the years, it continues to develop and throw up new and exciting opportunities. When targeted and creative, email still has the power to deliver high levels of engagement and conversion, while maximising returns on marketing investment. 2013 will see email return to the spotlight, with key developments bringing it back to the heart of cross-channel marketing.

Using Financial Strategy Segmentation to analyse the impact of fraud

Posted on Apr 15 2013 by

To get more in-depth insight into the behaviour of some of Britain’s most financially-stressed groups, we have provided Financial Strategy Segment (FSS) analysis in the Fraud Report 2013.