UK unemployment rate falls to 7 year low

Posted on Nov 12 2015 by

Yesterday’s labour market figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirm Experian’s predictions that labour market conditions remain generally strong.

Elderly home-owners increasingly targeted by identity thieves

Posted on Nov 11 2015 by

Extended families from multi-cultural backgrounds also at higher risk, while two-thirds of all identity theft victims are also men.

Reflecting back on Christmas spending 2014

Posted on Nov 09 2015 by

December is a major month for shopping with many important dates and events to entice consumers to spend more for the festivities of Christmas.  First there’s Black Friday then Cyber Monday, Manic Monday, Small Business Saturday and Boxing Day sales. It’s a crucial time and the prime opportunity to capture as much revenue as possible. […]

3 ways you can make identity checking customer friendly

Posted on Nov 05 2015 by

For both security reasons and to meet your Client Due Diligence obligations you need to carry out identity checking on your customers. Processes can be long-winded you may have to ask your customers to complete certain tasks or provide extra information, something they might find intrusive and a hassle. It doesn’t have to be that […]

SMEs can benefit from big data too

Posted on Nov 05 2015 by

Data is everywhere. Mobile phones collect data of your location through GPS, every time you use the internet; you leave a trail of data and history. When you buy something on your credit card or collect points on a store card, data is created and stored. The systems for capturing, collating, storing and analysing data […]

Renting versus Buying

Posted on Nov 03 2015 by

Many first-time buyers are debating renting versus buying and asking: is it worth saving for the seven years that it typically takes to save for a deposit?

Romford shows strongest business growth in Britain

Posted on Nov 03 2015 by

Our research*  has found Romford, a North East London town, is leading the way in the SME market and showing strong growth in business sales and numbers. It ranked the highest in terms of percentage of fast-growing companies and increase in the number of incorporated businesses. The number of companies registered in Romford has increased […]

What is spam? A quick history of email spam and why you should avoid it

Posted on Nov 02 2015 by

Spam represents an on-going issue for consumers and marketers alike. But where does the name spam come from? Why is it so widely used and why is it such a threat to marketers? Email deliverability expert Tom Corbett gives us his views.

Christmas email campaigns – how, when and what to send to have the best impact this festive period

Posted on Oct 30 2015 by

Christmas is coming. But even closer is Black Friday. Do you know when to send your emails this year? Read this post to find out what happened last year.

Should SMEs join the 5p plastic bag charge?

Posted on Oct 29 2015 by

The 5p plastic bag charge was introduced in England on Monday 5th October, the last in the UK to apply the scheme having already been introduced to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The English charge only applies to companies with more than 250 full time employees and those with less staff than this are exempt […]