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As London Fashion Week takes to the catwalks, we’ve some clever insight to underpin cutting edge designs and ecommerce platforms

It is estimated that identity impatience is costing the retail sector around £2.3billion in lost revenue.[ READ MORE ]

European Commission introduces six-month transition period for SEPA

Jonathan Williams, Director of Strategic Development, outlines the latest position.[ READ MORE ]

How much would you save if you could find the fraudsters hiding among your customers?

It is estimated at least 27 records per 1,000 would flag up a potential fraud marker.[ READ MORE ]

More than 60 fraudulently sub-let homes reclaimed thanks to partnership with Circle Housing Circle 33

Partnership with Circle Housing Circle 33 yields superb results.[ READ MORE ]

Fraud solutions for the telecoms industry

Critical advantages of data intelligence and analysis of emerging fraud trends.[ READ MORE ]