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Global Business Information with International Business Credit Reports

Trading overseas offers many benefits to your business. From increased profit and productivity, to the endless opportunity new markets offer. Doing business overseas also presents financial risks. Making it critical that every decision you make is as informed as possible.

Experian credit check your global customers and suppliers, existing or potential, for deep insight into any international business. Experian’s International Business Credit Reports help you ease concerns, make informed risk assessments and manage business risk. Access to global business information means you can maximise every opportunity to your business.

Experian International Business Reports help you to:

  • Confirm core company information, such as registered address
  • Accurately assess the risk of engaging in international business
  • Reduce exposure to bad debt by accessing a company’s accounts*
  • Understand any adverse activity about a company (such as CCJs)

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*Where available, refer to international filing regulations

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