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Figure out who you really work best with Market Finder

Are you trying to find more customers like your existing ones? For a small fee, you can purchase a Market Finder report.

With our Market Finder you'll be able to discover which companies you work best with, what sectors you have the most customers in, and which industries prefer your products and services.

The Market Finder report helps you get the most out of B2B List Builder: you use the report information to create the most targeted marketing campaigns aimed at prospects that share the same characteristics as your existing customers.

Why use Market Finder?

  • Get valuable intelligence on customers
  • Target the right sectors and prospects
  • Improve Return On Investment (ROI) on future marketing spend
  • Develop new strategies for business growth

Key features

  • Data matched against Experian National Business Database
  • Analysis take places instantly and report is produced within 24 hours
  • Support available to interpret and digest findings
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