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Protecting you from Financial Risk

Risk is intrinsic to business. But there’s no reason to be a victim of circumstance. Our products are designed to put you in control by helping to protect your business from all kinds of financial threat. Whether you are trying to determine the credit worthiness of a prospect (whether it's a business or individual), or want to crack down on late payers, we’ve got a product that’s right for you.

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    Business Express
    Company Credit Reports

    What they do

    There's always a risk in taking on a new client. Unless you do a credit check, you just don't know whether they're capable of paying you. Our Experian Business Express Credit Reports allow you to determine the credit worthiness of your business partners in an instant.

    Why would you use it?

    • Reduce exposure to potential bad debt
    • Qualify prospects and suppliers and set appropriate credit limits
    • Check to see suppliers and customers have CCJs
    • Take action when faced with payment delays

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