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E-Series Business – online business information reports

Deciding which companies to do business with can be extremely stressful. Some decisions may result in strong profitable relationships, others can lead to bearing the burden of unstable clients and ultimately loss for your business. Easy access to high quality business information can ease the decision making process. E-Series Business gives you the vital knowledge to make profitable choices with confidence.

What is E-Series Business?

E-Series Business is the UK’s leading online business information system and reporting service that provides an unmatched range of financial and company information on businesses, so you can quickly identify your best (and worst) business opportunities.

How can E-Series Business help you?

  • Identify your most profitable customers and business opportunities
  • Accurately predict the financial future of UK and International businesses
  • Closely monitor your industry, competitors and potential partners

How does it work?

  • Get instant access to online business information on 5million limited and non-limited UK businesses and 45 million international businesses.
  • View Risk Reports, International Reports, Business Owner Reports,  Directors and Proprietors Reports, as well as Corporate Tree, Mortgages, Charges and copies of filed documents at Companies House.
  • See a huge breadth and depth of business intelligence collated from a wide range of sources, including Companies House, Thomson Directories and Yellow Pages.
  • See financial stability with a detailed payment history and average Days Beyond Terms.
  • Get a full credit rating and risk score history with Commercial Delphi.
  • Predict the future of limited and non-limited businesses with unrivalled predictability using in-depth payment trend information, credit ratings and limits.
  • Assess the commercial risk of trading with a sole trader.
  • View information on 4.6 million registered directors and more than 3.1 million disqualified directors of limited companies.
  • Get greater insight into a business’ financial situation with a unique blend of data that takes into account a company director’s personal finances.
  • Subscribe to timely alerts to closely monitor changes in business circumstances.
  • Target profitable companies or raise a red flag before a business fails.
  • Keep a close eye on potential customers by regularly monitoring their financial situation.
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