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Gain strategic insights

In business there are insights, and then there are profound and strategic insights that set businesses apart: understanding about how the market works, how customers think and operate, and how customers are likely to respond. Strategic insight that can help your business to gain a strong competitive advantage, help you to reduce wasted marketing costs, and maximise revenue opportunities.

Gain strategic insights about your market

pH, an Experian company provides strategic insights based on competitive performance benchmarks, such as growth, productivity; behavioural predictors, such as "lifestyle", "generosity"; and financial strength variables, such as balance sheet and P&L ratios.

  • Insightful segmentation analysis
  • Predictive modelling and diagnostics
  • Future growth paths and default risk

Mergers and Acquisitions data

Experian Corpfin offer detailed reports on megers and acquisitions data, company information and business acquisitions. You can download some detailed Corpfin reports here.

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