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Build relationships

Learn more about business prospects and existing customers with a view of the full corporate structure of a business, so you can fully understand who your audience are and who are the best growth opportunities.

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Grow existing relationships

New B2B prospects

Profile your best business customers and create business prospect lists of similar businesses, including contact information of key decision makers and job functions.

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Find new prospects

Competitive Insight

Know everything about a business opportunity to ensure you pitch the right products and services using the right approach. Keep an eye on your industry and competitors with information updated daily.

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Get competitive intelligence

Bespoke B2B prospecting

pH Search is fully bespoke to your needs, customise data on the source database, build bespoke prospect search criteria, even customise your reporting to match the depth of information you need.

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Beat the competition

See for yourself how pH Search helps you drill into a business and gain a deeper understanding of new and existing customers.

Ease of use

You can access the web based system wherever and whenever you are online. Setup is quick and easy for standard implementations and the intuitive interface means that no training is necessary.

Your bespoke version of pH Search is secure and separated from other users of the system. Secure processes ensure that your data is not shared with other organisations

Welcome to Experian pH Search

Gain a deeper insight into your competitors, your industry and prospects

pH Demo

The pH Megafile was created to provide B2B marketers with a complete view of the business universe, joining many separate data feeds into one file.

It has been developed to help our clients with B2B sales and marketing by incorporating profiling, propensity scoring, credit analysis, risk modelling and population tracking.

The pH Megafile can provide telephone numbers that have 25 times more likelihood of being answered.

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