International Business Reports

Quick access to global business information

Manage risk and seek opportunities for growth using effective international credit reports.

  • Credit Limit
  • Risk score
  • Accounts
  • Public record information
  • Legal notices
  • Judgements
  • Corporate structure
  • Director information
  • Company information (company ID + verification info (AML))


Experian are part of the BigNet appliance, a group of Credit Reference Agencies who have created a worldwide framework of report style and content, ensuring reports are accurate, comparative, and consistent.

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Data batch services

International Data Batch Service helps you to manage and maintain business risk across your entire portfolio of UK and International businesses, integrating new, raw data into your existing backend system on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


"Experian’s International Credit Risk capabilities give us an enhanced view of global Business Information, when combined with UK reports, their globally focussed products and services give us a consistent and effective way of managing risk and running our business confidently"

Sarah Jenion, Penguin Random House

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