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How much does Ledger360 cost?

Ledger360 is tailored differently to each business. An Experian consultant can meet with you to discuss what you need and provide you with a quote.

How do I pay for Ledger360?

Ledger360 is available on an annual subscription basis.

How long does it take to set up Ledger360?

Ledger360 can be set up within 30 days, once we have validated your sales ledger data.

How up to date is the data used by Experian?

We refresh our data daily meaning you can receive accurate and up to date information when your Ledger360 is updated monthly.

Where does Experian get its information?

We provide our customers with better results than any of our competitors by offering a greater breadth of highly accurate and up to date information using data compiled from a range of reputable sources, including Companies House, Shared Payment Performance Information and Delphi data.

Can it provide a single view of my ledger and risk exposure?

 Yes. Ledger360 allows you to effectively manage and minimise your total risk exposure, with the ability to highlight and calculate risk exposure at a regional and group level.

 Does it help me prioritise collections strategies?

 Absolutely. You can see at a glance the cost of your overdue debts at single or multiple group level. And you can easily determine the stability of your customers over the following 12 months and define your collection strategies accordingly.

 Is it possible to track individual team members’ performance?

 Yes. With easy access and total flexibility you can monitor and control usage amongst your team members. Ledger360 also allows you to set up and tailor reports enabling you to easily manage and compare individual and team performances for reducing risk exposure and other priorities.

 Does Ledger360 only assist with collections strategies?

 No – Ledger360 also allows you to easily assess the profitability of increased or renewed credit facilities, whereby you can identify trading partners with low margin transactions and set more profitable terms if desired.

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