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Mosaic Commercial - Understand your customer database

Understanding your customer database is an essential part of successful marketing and effective customer relationships. But in such a vast, diverse business environment you may feel daunted by the prospect. With a huge range of data sources and insightful analysis, Mosaic Commercial has the breadth and depth of knowledge to easily segment your customer databases, providing you with valuable information that can be used to maximise your current client base and target profitable prospects.

What is Mosaic Commercial?

Mosaic Commercial provides a broad range of customer insights and behaviour analysis, allowing you to segment your customers and produce more targeted campaigns, helping you to build long-term, more profitable relationships.

How can Mosaic Commercial help you?

  • Anticipate and deliver the individual needs of your customers
  • Understand and exploit the differences between your customers
  • Gain a clear view of who your ideal customers are and use this to find more similar people to target.

How does it work?

  • Get a clearer view of your customers with a blend of unique data sources and market-leading customer insight on 5.1 million UK businesses.
  • Group your customers according to 13 categories and 50 distinct types.
  • Create focused target groups within your existing customer portfolio for effective marketing campaigns with personalised messages and incentives.
  • View your customers by the age of business, number of employees, turnover and principals’ background.
  • See customer segmentation by matching demographics for a detailed snapshot of the businesses in your database.
  • Get a better understanding and knowledge of your entire portfolio by viewing your customers according to shared groups.
  • See a broad description of a business detailing information such as likely buying behaviour.
  • Visualise and analyse commercial customers by identifying characteristics that indicate that they may be loyal or profitable.
  • Predict likely future buying behaviour and quickly identify who are likely to be your best customers with valuable customer behaviour and personality insights.


  • Find new business prospects by searching for businesses matching similar criteria to your existing customers.
  • Get valuable insight into your ideal customer and build marketing strategies around this profile.
  • Get a clearer view of potential prospects and create more targeted marketing lists using accurate customer segmentation and behaviour analysis.
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