National Business Database

Do you need access to fresh, quality business data?

The National Business Database gives you comprehensive company data, so you can target a greater number of quality prospects and keep your database up to date.

How can the National Business Database help you?

  • Quality, comprehensive company data
  • Ensure your marketing campaigns send the right message to the right people
  • Find highly targeted prospects that have a proven interest in similar products and services
  • Maintain marketing effectiveness by keeping your existing data accurate and up to date

Find new prospects

  • Get access to over 2.7 million addresses that are actively trading
  • TPS screened telephone numbers
  • Over 700,000 active email addresses
  • Choose the type of companies that are right for your business using a broad selection of business criteria
  • Find customers who are likely to want the products or services that you are marketing

High quality data

  • Access to 5.1 million records that combine company data from over 10 different sources
  • View information on small, medium and large businesses across all UK regions and industries
  • Get a fuller, all-round picture of businesses and the people behind them with a unique blend of business intelligence

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