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Find new prospects

Decide who to extend credit to

Want information about a company or a business?

As a professional researcher, not only do you want to understand a company/business and its financials, you also want detailed insights about the market in which it operates, its market segmentation, and competitive landscape. And you want this information in real time. 

Analyse a company and its market's

Corporate Researcher provides you with ready-to-use, high-quality company information and data on UK and Irish limited companies and international corporate transactions.

  • Company information updated daily
  • Instant online access
  • Flexible company research tool

Gain strategic insight into a market

pH provides strategic market insights based on competitive performance benchmarks, behavioural predictors, and financial strength variables.

  • Insightful segmentation analysis
  • Predictive modelling and diagnostics
  • Future growth paths and default risk

Build your strategy intelligently

B2B Researcher provides you with research and marketing prospect data on limited companies and non-limited businesses in one place – to reveal your best business opportunities.

  • Uncover best business opportunities
  • Identify most profitable customers
  • Build business strategy

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