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Application Fraud

Fraud is the biggest cause of revenue loss for financial, telecommunications and insurance organisations and the resulting losses always affect profitability. Our software and information will help you to detect potentially fraudulent applications even before a customer is accepted, in a speedy and efficient way.

Application Fraud - Products and Services


Detect works alongside the customer's application processing system and works by comparing information supplied on the current application form with information held on a variety of Experian databases


Hunter works by checking application data for anomalies within the current application, anomalies against previous applications and matches against previous known and suspected fraudulent applications.

Claims and Underwriting Exchange

The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) are shared databases of insurance claims that help insurers identify non-disclosure, concurrent claims activity and prevent fraud.

Insurance Hunter

Insurance Hunter is an online fraud detection and prevention tool.

Insurance Investigator

Insurance Investigator provides insurers with real time investigation of individuals under suspicion of fraud through an online, single point of access to a comprehensive range of Experian data

Fraud prevention decision analytics

Fraud is a crime on the increase. Organisations in a highly competitive market have aggressive growth targets and instant decisioning giving less time to assess customers and detect fraud.

QAS Authenticate

Electronic identity confirmation and address capture in seconds.

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