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Credit Risk Management

Sound credit risk management underpins a business’ stability, growth and future profitability. With so many variables to balance, however, managing credit risk can be a challenge. Optimise your credit risk analysis with high quality data, systems and strategies to help to minimise risk while also creating new opportunities.

Whether you’re offering credit or trading with other businesses, we offer a range of credit risk solutions to optimise your profitability and reduce your credit risk throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


Credit Lifecycle



Core Capabilities

Data and Scorecards

Enhance your decision making with accurate and up-to-date financial, behavioural and economic data and analytics.

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Systems and Processes

Software systems and data processes that maximise operational efficiency across your business.

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Strategy Optimisation

Analyse, evaluate, test and optimise the effectiveness of your credit strategies to drive stability and growth.

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Shaping credit strategy

See how equity insight can enhance credit and collections

Download our free infographic 'How to improve lending and collections decisions using property data'


National Property Database

Do lenders really understand their customers?

Learn how to protect against credit risk, and better understand your customers in our free whitepaper


Single Customer View

Comparison of reports

Can you trust your credit report? Download this free report comparing how 2 credit agencies rated a business


Comparison of reports
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