Customer and Business Information

Customer and Business Information

Accurate data is a business critical asset. Experian has over two decades of experience in managing and interpreting vast amounts of consumer and business data. We can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, identify new opportunities and gain a deeper insight into your target markets.

Consumer and Business Information - Products and Services

International Business Reports

International Business Reports gives you instant access to a wide range of business worldwide. It offers a wealth of information ranging from credit scores to legal notices and judgements - giving you a reliable financial health check on prospective customers.

E-series Business

e-series Business provides access to a full range of UK business information and business reports including limited company data, non-limited business data and payment trends.

Commercial Autoscore

Commercial Autoscore and its workflow capabilities ensure that customer service standards are maintained and administrative backlogs become a thing of the past.

Business Check

Experian Business Check allows you to check a company instantly through access to online business reports, so you can make quick company credit checks and informed decisions on who you do business with, from as little as £13.99 for Non Limited Businesses and £17.99 for Limited Businesses.

Business Monitoring

Business Monitoring is an early warning system to alert credit professionals managing a vast portfolio of any change in their customers' circumstances.

Commercial Delphi

Commercial Delphi helps you to undertake lending risk calculations. It lets you assess commercial viability of customers and prospects - to identify, manage and reduce risk to your business.


Address software for accurate and quick data capture. QAS Pro gets a full address from just a postcode and premise number whilst removes errors, saving time & improving customer service.

QAS Pro Web

Improve website usability with fast address search and validation with address verification software for online forms. Improves website usability, reduces drop-offs and minimises duplicate online registrations.

QAS Batch

Assisting with your data quality, QAS Batch data cleaning software is used for improved data accuracy. Clean your data to help reduces mailing costs and increases customer confidence.

QAS Batch with Suppression

Data suppression from your desktop. Name and address data suppression software to remove unwanted records. One of ht most comprehensive data cleansing software desktop solutions available.

QAS Email Validate

QAS Email Validate facilitates email address accuracy and validity checks. Ensures you will have correct and validated email addresses at point of capture. Helps boost form completion rates and improves any future email marketing effectiveness.

QAS Email Clean

With QAS Email Clean, you can clean emails in bulk. Corrects misspelled or invalid email addresses from your data base.

QAS Match

QAS Match works at point of data collection, preventing duplicate contact records from ever entering. Avoid duplicate mailings & communications & maintain a Single Customer View.

QAS Unify

Remove duplicate records in bulk with QAS Unify. Highlight duplicate records in your database and merge any identified. Keeping the control of your data in-house.

QAS Identify

Identify any duplicate citizens data with this data matching tool for use within the Public Sector.


With the Contact Data Governance Audit, QAS CDM 360 allows you to audit your data processes for an improved data strategy.

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