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As the level of personal debt in the UK is rising*, it is increasingly important that companies work with consumers to reduce their levels of debt quickly and manageably. 

We understand the challenges you face and we look at how you can comply with regulatory requirements whilst preparing for market fluctuations, optimising your collections strategies and delivering the best experience for your customers.

At Experian, we can help you to:

  1. Reduce the cost of collections – quickly identify your most high-risk customers so you can support customers in urgent need.
  2. Improve contact rates – with additional contact information, increase the likelihood of reaching a customer before they get in to difficulties.
  3. Maximise your relationships with customers – get a deeper understanding of your customers' individual circumstances and characteristics to build more personalised and therefore better relationships.
  4. Commercial debt management – know when a business is showing signs of financial stress so that you can speak to them sooner to help them manage cash flow at an earlier stage.

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Download now… Our latest whitepaper addresses the top five collections challenges, offering practical step by step guides to help you.

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