Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Understand your total risk exposure and customer value within your current portfolio. Through detailed analysis, we can show you not only where your most profitable customers are, but also how to find more of them.

Portfolio Management - Products and Services

Risk Audit Plus

Risk Audit Plus provides you with an invaluable snapshot view of the credit risks and credit opportunities in your business’ customer base.

Ledger 360

Ledger360 provides a view of multiple ledgers and ledger reports, helping you to manage your sales ledgers, and ledger data – reducing the risk of bad debt.

Business Monitoring

Business Monitoring is an early warning system to alert credit professionals managing a vast portfolio of any change in their customers' circumstances.

Payment Performance Scheme

By becoming a member of Experian’s Payment Performance Scheme, you’ll be able to share ledger data, enabling you to analyse customer payment patterns, monitor payment trends and understand customer cashflow issues.

Data Quality Consultancy

Data Quality Consultancy will enhance the quality of your ledger data, giving you a clear understanding of risk and opportunities for more businesses in your customer base.

Consumer Indebtedness Index

CII identifies individuals that are currently showing no obvious signs of repayment difficulties, but carry a high possibility of doing so in the future.

Delphi for Customer Management

Delphi for Customer Management is a risk scoring tool to help proactively manage existing customers.


e-consumerview is a web based solution providing consumer credit lenders with access to Experian databases to help make good underwriting decisions.

Automated Property Valuations

Access property valuations instantly to build a complete picture of a customer and their abillity to make payments.

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