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Mosaic UK 2003 brochure

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Mosaic UK 2003

Mosaic UK 2003 is Experian's award-winning Mosaic classification that covers the whole of the UK. Mosaic classifies all consumers in the United Kingdom into 61 types, aggregated into 11 groups. Using over 400 data variables and updated annually, it paints a rich picture of UK consumers in terms of demographics, socio-economics, lifestyles, culture and behaviour.

What can it do for me?

Mosaic UK 2003 is used to target, acquire and manage profitable customer relationships. It will enable your organisation to profile customers, better understand consumer behaviour, analyse the demographic characteristics of local areas, identify market potential for products and services, understand the performance of site locations and target communications more effectively.

A few key facts

  • Mosaic UK 2003 classifies consumers by household or postcode, allowing you to optimise the use of the segmentation depending upon the application.
  • 46% of the data used to build Mosaic is non-Census sourced information that is updated annually. This enables Mosaic to monitor changes in consumer behaviour and incorporate these each year within the classification.
  • Mosaic UK 2003 is validated by a comprehensive programme of fieldwork and observational research covering each of the UK's 120 postal areas.
  • Mosaic UK 2003 is available for use on a bureau basis, or in-house as a licensed directory to augment your customer database or for use within your own mapping software for geographical analysis.

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