Making and managing the right credit decisions

BusinessIQ is a powerful, intelligent online platform to manage your entire credit management process

Featuring a number of modules, you’ll have access to unrivalled data covering businesses worldwide, displayed in clear dashboard views to help you easily pinpoint areas of risk and opportunity. 

 Why use BusinessIQ?

  • Quickly and easily identify individual businesses, or segments of risk
  • Blending business, director, consumer, and payment history data, BusinessIQ offers an informed solution for today's credit risk challenges
  • BusinessIQ makes credit management operations far more sophisticated without adding complexity
  • Configured to your business
  • Powered by unrivalled data
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comprehensive views of your portfolio
  • Dedicated customer support and training webinars

We're now able to combine our experience with insight gained from BusinessIQ to make fast and accurate decisions.

Jane Hext, CEO, Santia Consulting Ltd

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Were is your data stored?

Where is your data stored?

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