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How can I find out more about your pre employment checks

Why do we carry out pre employment checks?

Because of the nature of our business, it’s critical that we operate to the highest standards of security and integrity. We ask that you take responsibility for the accuracy of personal data. Any errors or discrepancies could considerably delay the recruitment process.

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What pre employment checks will be carried out?

As part of considering your suitability for employment, Experian Background Checking will carry out a number of checks to verify the information that you submit and which may be relevant to your application for employment.

These checks will include employer references, verification of your identity, address and relevant qualifications, financial and credit history enquiries, your right to work in the UK or EEA and a criminal records check.

Should your application be progressed, any offer of employment with Experian will be conditional upon successfully passing these checks.

These checks will only use data that is held within Experian's systems, by fraud prevention agencies or other appropriate third parties.

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When will these pre employment checks be carried out?

These checks will only be carried out once you've been identified as a 'preferred' candidate. If your application is unsuccessful, no such checks will be carried out on you.

After carrying out these enquiries, if any information gives us cause for concern, such that it may have an adverse impact on your recruitment, we'll discuss the information with you and the possible impact on your employment.

If employed by Experian, such checks may then be repeated periodically throughout your employment with the Company.

Please note: your current / previous employer, where applicable, will not be contacted until you have accepted an offer of employment with Experian, unless you give permission for us to contact them earlier.

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What information will I be asked to provide during the recruitment process?

You’ll be asked to answer a number of pre employment screening questions which will provide us with information and which will be considered in assessing your suitability. Certain information (e.g. date of birth, national insurance number) is only requested once you have been identified as a ‘preferred’ candidate.


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