We want to ensure you are fully aware of what to expect when you attend an interview at Experian, so please read our top interview tips below:

  • Telephone Interview
  • We’d suggest taking a look on the Experian website to learn a bit more about us. We have web pages specific to our business areas, so it’s a good idea to do a bit of digging around the area you’re interested in! We’d also love to hear why you’re interested in Experian, and in particular the role you’ve applied for.

    If you’ve been contacted for a telephone interview, remember to make sure you’re in a quiet area with good phone signal. Close

  • Video Assessment
  • This is an opportunity for you to show us your personality and tell us a bit more. At Experian, video is an important communication tool which we use to connect with colleagues across the world, so, it makes sense to use this channel to select great people. It gives us another dimension to your application alongside a cover letter or CV. We provide plenty of hints and tips to help you prepare so you can really shine and you get to complete this at a time and location convenient to you. We may use video assessment as an alternative to telephone interview. Close

  • Online Testing
  • You may have been asked to complete some online assessments prior to your interview. These assessments are designed to provide us with additional insight that we may not gain through your CV or interview.

    If you have been asked to complete some online assessments, we’d recommend giving yourself plenty of time to complete them in an environment where you can concentrate and feel most comfortable. We’d also recommend completing them on a laptop or PC, however you can use a mobile or tablet if you wish.

    These assessments vary depending on the role and skillset required, so please speak to your recruiter if you require more specific information or reasonable adjustments. Close

  • Face-to-face Interview
  • First of all, don’t panic! We aren’t trying to catch you out; we’re simply looking for examples of your ways of working. Some tips: 

    •  Look through the job description before your interview. Think about what we’re looking for and think of your best examples of these skills and qualities.
    •  Prepare! It’s amazing what a bit of preparation can do. Think about your response and how this will present your best self. Maybe even practice your responses with someone else or record them.
    •  Keep focused on the questions – remember that we’re looking for evidence from previous situations. Use facts and data to back up your responses where you can.
    •  Focus on what you did. It’s easy to talk about what the team did, but we’re interested in you! What did you do? What was your contribution? How did that affect the overall outcome? Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet!
    •  Remember to ask questions. This is a two way process and remember we’re not just interviewing you – you’re interviewing us on why Experian is such a great place to work. Close

  • Competency Based Interview
  • All of our candidates will at some point undertake a competency based interview. This means we’ll be asking you questions and looking for you to provide evidence from certain working situations. We’d recommend thinking about the structure of your answer, and would suggest taking a look at the STAR method:

    •  the Situation
    •  the Task required as a result
    •  the Action you took
    •  the Result of that action Close

  • Assessment Centre
  • Assessment centres may vary, but candidates should expect to undertake a range of assessments that may include group discussion, ability tests, competency based interview, presentation or case studies.

    In order to perform well at an assessment centre, it's important that you:

    •  are assertive during all exercises
    •  don't worry about the other candidates, instead focusing on putting your key skills forward
    •  draw others into group discussions
    •  ensure that the assessors can see your working methodology
    •  ensure that you understand the requirements of each task by quickly digesting the brief - revisit this once you understand the overall challenge
    •  maintain a friendly and polite manner with everyone you meet, and remember that you're always being assessed
    •  relax and let your personality shine, as assessors warm to individuality Close

  • Dressing for Interviews
  • Here at Experian we operate a ‘business casual’ dress code. Please come in smart clothing, but ensure you wear something you feel comfortable in! Close