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There's more to us than big data

Data is everywhere. And its application and analysis motivates everything we do here at Experian. But there’s so much more to it.

We provide information services to organisations and consumers on a global scale. Our total revenue for the year ending 31st March 2013 was US$873million so we’re no small operation. With a suite of over 700 products, our people help organisations manage credit risk and increase customer revenue and loyalty.

In the UK and Ireland, Experian supports approx. 20,000 clients across a broad range of industry sectors. We specialise in many different sectors, financial services, retail, home shopping, telecommunications, utilities, media, insurance, automotive, leisure, charity property and the public sector. Some of our client relationships have been in place for over 25 years and include businesses like P&G, Boots, Tesco, eBay, M&S and many more.

Data is infinite

And its collection, analysis, and application motivate everything we do here at Experian. When you harness the trillions of data points that surround and inform everyday actions, you amplify the meaning of those actions and give them the predictive power to inform and guide decisions.

For individuals..

..we guide healthy financial decision-making by empowering them to understand, manage, and protect their credit information.

For the entrepreneur..

..looking to open a storefront, the information we power can help determine the neighbourhood, street, or even exact address that will ensure the most foot traffic.

For marketers.. can help guide campaign planning—like when to start that holiday advertising and which cross-channel approach to pursue to stay ahead of the competition.

For individuals and organisations..

..we supply solutions that can safeguard against international crimes such as fraud and identity theft.

For the industry-leading retailer..

..we can map trends, apply predictive modeling, and increase ROI through made-to-order, high-performance solutions.

Our responsibility..

..we believe that the well-being of society and the prosperity of our business are intrinsic. We help create successful business, empower consumers and improve public services by taking responsibility.

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